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Slope Tunnel Reinforcement Reciprocating Mud Pump

2022-10-02 18:29:15

The reciprocating mud pump is a multi-purpose grouting pump. The mechanical reciprocating mud pump uses high pressure to accurately inject easily solidified substances or mixtures (water, cement slurry, mortar, etc.) To achieve the purpose of reducing water seepage, consolidating rock layers and soil.

Reciprocating Mud Pump

Slope tunnel reinforcement reciprocating mud pump
 is widely used in tunnels, subways, roads, bridges, dams, mine construction and underground waterproofing projects of high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement, roadway sealing, landslide repair and slope bolt support and other grouting construction projects. The series of products have the advantages of advanced technology, simple operation, perfect function and convenient maintenance.

BW series reciprocating mud pump is a horizontal reciprocating single-acting piston pump, which is mainly used for grouting construction of roads, bridges, dams, national defense, mines and other construction projects. It can also be used for mortar injection and expansion in prestressed component projects, coal powder mortar transportation in thermal power plants, vertical and horizontal transportation of mortar in construction projects, and in the chemical sector for conveying slurry raw materials (colorants, coatings), magnetic materials and Maintenance and repair of other media, sandy soil, blast furnace, cement road, highway and other projects. It has the advantages of compact structure, good sealing performance, high pressure, easy replacement of pistons, and simple assembly and maintenance.

BW series reciprocating mud slurry pump is mainly composed of electric motor, gearbox, pump head, frame, shield, V-belt transmission mechanism and other parts. The gearbox is a closed casing, which uses splash lubrication to lubricate each moving part. A set of gears meshing with each other can transmit the rotary motion of the motor to the crankshaft, and push the connecting rod and crosshead to make the piston reciprocate.

The lubrication of the moving parts of the transmission mechanism of the slurry mud pump depends on the splash lubrication of the lubricating oil poured into the gearbox. The amount of lubricating oil in the gearbox should not be too small, and the lubricating oil level should always be kept to the oil window hole position. Check whether the gearbox is filled with lubricating oil and the amount of oil to ensure sufficient lubrication. 

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