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Diesel concrete pump with mixer company

2018-08-03 21:14:19

JBT series diesel concrete mixer with pump made a change on power compared with electric type, Mixing and pumping into one, easy to operate, easy to move, flexible, and stable performance. S distributing valve is the key part of the concrete pump, and it will have a direct effect on the performance of the concrete pump. The machine construction operation system used in all automated, all material mixing, high pressure pumping as one; Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, hydraulic system greatly enhance the stirring concrete pump overall reliability ensure pump strive foolproof work under harsh conditions, and especially suitable for areas where there is short of power. A variety of uses of a machine to solve the concrete mixing, pumping, transportation three major issues. With the development of new urbanization, this one-machine multifunctional device will surely become the mainstream machine in the market.

diesel concrete pump with mixer

1. PLC program control system, stable and reliable, longer life.
2. The concrete mixer pump combined two machines into a machine; move easily, strong and flexible maneuverability.
3. The concrete mixer and pump are operates by one worker only, it will save maintenance and labor costs.
4. Feeding, mixing, flip and pumping are all controlled by hydraulic power, saving operation labor. High performance, high efficiency, high automation and high reliability.
5. The water pump adopts the electromagnetic clutch and a time relay control, automatically adding water according to water timer.
6. Manual lubrication systems, fuel efficient and reliable; Independence of the water cooling system, efficient.
7. Feeding, water, stirring of Mixer and pumping all controlled by the diesel engine through hydraulic system and PLC implementation, high degree of automation without any electricity.
8. Fast dual-purpose function of one machine with unique, mixer and pump
9. Diesel mixer concrete pump specifically designed for the users in countries and regions where it is lack of electricity.

diesel concrete mixer with pump company

Diesel concrete pump with mixer
is mainly suitable for the mixing and pumping of concrete in the framework of building within 8 layers, houses, villas, concrete floors, country roads, small bridges, reservoir dams and water conservancy canal construction, which can save a lot of manpower, increase safety and increase Construction efficiency. Machine is a multiple functional pump, which is used to mix and convey the concrete mixture by using pressure along the pipeline continuously and it is widely applied in building construction, slope protection project, ground beam project, seawall construction, bridge construction and tunnel construction. And this kind of concrete pump with mixer company can achieve the perfect combination between concrete mixing and conveying. It has characteristics of small power, easy movement and low cost and it is more suitable for spraying of floor heating, shotcrete engineering and refractory. Compared to large and medium concrete pump, trailer concrete pump, concrete boom pump and truck mounted concrete pump, it is more convenient and is much more suitable for 3 to 5 floors housing buildings of countryside and urban as well as new rural construction.

diesel concrete mixer with pump


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