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High pressure hose pump for sale

2023-05-23 18:43:55

High-pressure hose pump, also known as peristaltic pump, is a positive displacement pump, which completes the delivery of liquid through the change of closed volume. The main hose pump of hose pump is composed of pump casing, rotor body, reducer, machine base and soft Tube and other 5 major components.

high pressure hose pump

high pressure peristaltic hose pump

high pressure peristaltic pump

No other pump has better self-priming ability than high-pressure hose pump, which can generate almost perfect vacuum to absorb liquid, transport gas-containing liquid and foam liquid without air resistance, and transport high-viscosity and shear-sensitive media. strengths. It has a large displacement, can greatly increase work efficiency, save time, and has strong wear resistance and long service life. Therefore, in the past few decades, hose pumps have been used in various industries. Very popular. The fixed displacement per revolution has nothing to do with the outlet pressure. It is a natural metering pump. These advantages make the hose pump more and more widely used in mining, food processing, brewing, ceramics, water treatment and other industries.

big peristaltic hose pump

hose pump for sale

high pressure squeeze hose pump

The hose pump has a great saving on energy consumption. The reason why it can achieve this low energy consumption is naturally because it has its own advantages in design. It is designed to be different from the original single rotor or bearing rotation. There is a big difference. It uses multiple small rotors to slide on the pump wall. It is precisely because of this design that it can meet various requirements when it is used. Naturally, it can also be recognized by users.

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When the motor drives the rotor body to rotate through the reducer, the sliding extrusion roller on the rotor body rotates along the hose, and the joint action of the roller and the pump body will flatten the soft part. It returns to its original shape under the action. A vacuum is generated to inhale the material, and a "closed volume full of liquid" is formed in a section of the pump tube between the two rollers. The size of the "closed volume" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometric characteristics of the rotor body. It depends on the product of the speed of the pump head, the size of the "closed volume" and the number of "closed volumes" produced by the rotor per revolution; while in front of the roller, the material in the hose is in the mechanism of the roller. Under extrusion, it is discharged from the zinc, and with the continuous rotation of the rotating rotor body, the medium is continuously sucked and discharged, and a working cycle is completed reciprocating.

The hose pump pumps the fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Just like pinching the hose with two fingers, as the fingers move, a negative pressure is formed in the tube, and the liquid flows accordingly. .Peristaltic pump is a section of pump tube between two rotating rollers to form a "pillow" shaped fluid. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometric characteristics of the rotor. The flow rate depends on the speed and speed of the pump head of the hose pump. The product of the three parameters, the size of the "pillow" and the number of "pillows" produced per revolution of the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except when pumping fluids with particularly high viscosity). The diameter of the rotor is the same Compared with the pump, the pump with a larger "pillow" volume, the fluid volume delivered by the rotor per revolution is also larger, but the pulsation degree is also larger. This is similar to the situation of the membrane valve.

Some people think that the abrasiveness of the medium determines the service life of the hose. This is a misunderstanding. The abrasive medium does wear the inner wall of the hose, making the wall thickness of the known hose pump thinner, so that due to the compression Strictly produce internal leakage or backflow and flow drop; internal leakage further increases the wear rate of the inner wall; but high-quality hose pumps should have hose compression adjustment devices, which need to be adjusted continuously during the use of the pump to prevent Internal leakage and flow drop.

squeeze hose pump for sale

If you want to know more information about high pressure hose pump, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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