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Diesel engine concrete mixer pump for house building

2019-05-11 19:59:56

Diesel engine concrete mixer pump for house building is also called concrete transfer pump. It consists of the pump and delivery tube. It transported concrete continuously along the pipeline by pressure. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction.

Features of diesel concrete mixer pump for building:

1. Intelligent power control system to regulate the engine speed automatically, for smooth and efficient operation.

2. Air cooling system, without dependence of external water 3. High delivery pressure for demand of high-rise and long distance projects

4. Good sealing S-valve, installed with floating wear resistant ring.

5. High-quality wear resistant alloy components for long service-life.

6. Plunger pump with constant power, to ensure the efficiency of main engine

7. PLC system to ensure best control performance

8. With re-pumping function to smooth construction of better accessibility

9. Equipped with wired remote controller, easy to operate

 In order to meet the demand of open country and other no power supply constructions, we research and developed the diesel engine concrete pump. Our concrete pump is set of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology as one, with reliable performance of smooth operation and strong pumping capability. The diesel engine is with advanced high quality, low emission, low fuel consumption, meet the advanced standard. Reliability and stability is guaranteed by automatic engine regulation.  

diesel engine concrete mixer pump for house building


Application of concrete mixer pump for house building:
1. Conveying floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete.
2. Conveying greening soil in ecological environment construction.
3. Conveying refractory and insulation materials.
4. Conveying all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete.
5. Pressure grouting of foundation pile. Also with the pumping concrete ratio should be reasonable and use better quality concrete. Keep good condition of the pump; make sure the hopper and valve box without dry concrete slag and concrete smooth flow channel. The discharge gate and discharge holes position of the sealing is good. To replacement of worn parts On time and adjusting worn clearance and maintenance service.

diesel concrete mixer pump for building


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