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Colloidal grout mixer with agitator

2020-09-09 16:26:04

Colloidal grout mixer with agitator
The colloidal grout mixer with agitator is designed to get the perfect collage suspension water and cement. The water-cement mixture passes through the deflect plate, propeller and imperfle at a speed of 1500 rpm, resulting in great turbulence and a lot of shearing force, so the final suspension is the collate.
Gaodetec colloidal grout mixer could mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives rapidly.
Gaodetec colloidal grout mixer is a high work efficiency cement grout mixer for compounding/mixing the cement and water. It consists of two separate tanks- mixer tank and agitator tank, more convenient for transportation.
The colloidal grout mixer unit effectively decomposes all types of cement slurry into the finest particles for complete wetting and perfect mixing! The agitator tank can be continuously grouted.
Combine with grouting pump, colloidal grout mixer can be pressurized in mining, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground excavation projects, etc.

colloidal grout mixer with agitator

Main Features of colloidal grout mixer with agitator:
1. Mixing efficiency of colloidal grout mixer with agitator is high, the motor directly drives the impantion to obtain high-speed fluid flow, about 2 to 3 minutes to complete the mixing.
2. High reliability, vertical or horizontal motors, low failure rate, good sealing.
3. The control valve uses ordinary rubber tube as a susceptible part and is easy to use at the construction site.

colloidal grout mixer unit

Advantages of colloidal grout mixer
1. The tanks- mixer tank and agitator tank is made of thicker steel plate, which is more reliable and has a longer service life.
2. The overall stamping structure of the bottom of the tank;
3. Special welding treatment;
4. New motor;
5. Electrical control box, manufactured by thicker plates and standard Schneider electrical components;
6. Specially designed pump sealing structure;
7. After sand blasting paint, the appearance is beautiful;

colloidal grout mixer

Do you want to get our colloidal grout mixer with agitator? If yes, you can tell us the follow questions, and we will send the price list and grout mixer details to you soon.
1. What’s the colloidal grout mixer capacity do you want, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 700L or more bigger?
2. Whether need agitator to stock the mixed slurry?
3. Would you like the colloidal grout mixer with diesel engine or electric motor? If want electric motor, what’s the voltage at work site, 3 phase, 380v, 50HZ?
Suitable type and the best price will be offered to you according to your demands on the engine and capacity. Our email address: info@gaodetec.com 
Gaodetec Equipment has its own technical team, research and development capabilities, can be designed according to your needs collage grout mixer, you can also customize the color. Contact us immediately to get the right grout mixer for your favorite colors!!!

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