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Automatic filter press for mineral concentrate

2020-09-05 15:17:55

Automatic filter press for mineral concentrate
The automatic filter press uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth to force most of the water in the material to pass through the filter cloth and flow out of the body, while the material is blocked in the filter chamber to form a filter cake to achieve the purpose of filtration. Due to the large pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth during the filtration process, the filtration speed is increased and the water content of the filter cake is reduced, and the special filter cloth is used to make the filtrate pure and the filtration effect is much better than that of the vacuum filter.

automatic filter press

The filter press for mineral concentrate still has a good effect even when dealing with difficult-to-filter materials, and is easy to be treated for corrosion protection, and its structure is simple and easy to operate.

filter press for mineral concentrate

The vast majority of ferrous and non-ferrous metal concentrators use wet beneficiation. In the process of grinding, grading and sorting, a large amount of water is added to the ore. In this way, the concentrate selected from the sorting equipment also contains a considerable amount of water and is in a muddy state.
Obviously, the concentrate containing such a large amount of water in a slurry state cannot be directly sent to the smelter. The water content of the concentrate sent to the smelter is generally 8-12%, which is basically in powder form. For this reason, the concentrate product must be dehydrated.
In addition to meeting the water requirements for smelting, in order to facilitate long-distance transportation of concentrates and reduce transportation costs, and to prevent freezing during transportation and in the concentrate warehouse, the concentrate products must be dehydrated. Therefore, the filter press for mineral concentrate is widely used.

automatic filter press for mineral concentrate

At present, filter presses have been widely used in concentrate processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical(from mineral concentrates and tailings filtration), ceramic, sugar, pigment, dye, cement, silicate and other industries, as well as municipal and industrial sludge dewatering.

automatic filter press for sale

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