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CLC block small cutting machine for sale

2021-03-04 14:31:08

CLC block small cutting machine for sale

Foamed concrete block is a kind of aerated concrete block, and its appearance quality, internal pore structure, use performance, etc. are basically the same as autoclaved aerated concrete block. It is a bubble-shaped heat-insulating material, and its outstanding feature is the formation of closed foam cells inside the concrete, which makes the concrete lightweight and heat-insulating.
Foamed concrete block is a new type of building material that is waste-efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It is light in weight, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, fire-resistant, water-resistant, sound-proof and noise-reducing. It meets the needs of modern low-carbon building construction and is widely used in frame structures. Infill walls of buildings and load-bearing walls of multi- fuctions buildings in villages and towns. The huge market demand has strengthened the market position of foam concrete blocks. So the CLC block small cutting machine for sale demand is also gradually increasing.

Technical parameters for sale of the CLC block small cutting machine:
1. The horizontal and vertical cutting machines are cut from top to bottom with special saw blades. The cutting speed can be controlled according to the power distribution cabinet of the cutting machine.
2. CLC block cutting machine is sold. Will there be cracks on the surface of the brick during the cutting process? The bricks cut by this cutting machine have neat cut surfaces and sharp edges and corners, which are greatly reduced compared with wet cutting machines. The uncontrollable factors in the cutting process effectively ensure the appearance and quality of the bricks.
3. The number of workers is small when cutting, and only one person is required to operate the control cabinet to complete the horizontal, horizontal and vertical cutting three times.
4. CLC block cutting machine for sale can cut bricks of various specifications to meet your needs.

CLC block small cutting machine for sale

CLC block small cutting machine sells the cutting size directly affects the speed and efficiency of building construction and the method of building construction. At present, the domestic construction is mainly characterized by mixed mortar masonry, which does not have very high requirements on the size of foam concrete blocks, but excessively large size deviations have great adverse effects on construction. In addition, products with large size deviations will affect the quality and function of the building due to the effect of the thermal bridge connecting the gaps. For the board, the size error is more likely to cause inconvenience in construction and installation and affect the quality of the building. Therefore, the accuracy of the cutting size is another basic requirement of the foam concrete block blank cutting tool.

If you are interested in the CLC block small cutting machine for sale, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com.

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