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Hose pump for starch wastewater treatment

2021-03-05 15:33:12

Hose pump for starch wastewater treatment
The traditional starch sewage treatment usually involves directly pumping the sewage into the middle, filtering the starch solids, air-drying them, and then transporting them away. In the actual use of such a process--generally encounter two problems.
1. The problem of processing capacity. Because the content of starch solids in the water is small, a large amount of water needs to be transported during the processing, and the capacity requirements are also relatively large, which causes a large workload. When it increases, sometimes the sewage treatment is too late to work and it will affect production.
2. When the factory "starts production" every day, the starch solids left behind when the production is shut down are often deposited in the pipelines and tanks the day before yesterday. At this time, a lot of clean water is needed to rinse, and sometimes the solids cause work become more difficult and damaged.
In the face of these two problems, the unique structural concept and technical characteristics of the hose pump for starch wastewater treatment provide a new concept of sewage treatment.

hose pump for starch wastewater treatment

First of all, the sewage is poured into a large sewage hopper, and the volume of the hopper is designed according to the requirements of the workload. Then let the sewage stand for several hours, so that the solid starch can settle to the bottom of the sewage hopper, causing solid-liquid separation in the hopper, and then the viscous solids at the bottom of the hopper are directly transported into the sludge bag through a hose pump. Leave the factory. Finally, the clean water in the bucket is slightly treated and then recycled and reused in production.

hose pump for starch wastewater

Using such advanced processing methods, we have truly experienced the production and economic benefits brought by hose pump for wastewater treatment in production practice.
1. The investment is saved, and the sewage hopper is directly used to realize the solid-liquid separation in the hopper. The hose pump can transport a large amount of solid matter, so it can be poured directly into the sludge bag.
2. The consumption is greatly reduced. Because a large amount of water is used as a carrier, the energy consumption in the transportation process is mainly used to transport the water medium. At the same time, the energy consumption of the filter press is mainly to separate the sludge from a large amount of water.
3. The reuse of a large amount of clean water not only saves electricity consumption, but also saves water consumption. Such a process is a very good idea, but the design must provide high requirements for the pump that transports sludge, that is, it can transport media with uncertain mucus and media with a large solid content. The hose pump just meets such delivery requirements. Other types of pumps cannot solve these two problems at the same time. Of course, the hose pump for starch wastewater has more advantages to be used in different scenarios.

If you want to know more about the hose pump for starch wastewater treatment, please contact us. Email: info@gaodetec.com.

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