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CLC bmaking machine for sale in Malaysia

2018-09-26 09:42:30

CLC making machine in Malaysia is specially designed to produce the foam concrete products. The CLC block making machine in Malaysia is mainly composed of four parts, foaming system, feeding system, mixing system and pumping system.
Let me show you the working process of the CLC block making machine in Malaysia. Cement, sand, water and other raw materials by a certain percentage of mixing into slurry, and then through the foam concrete pump into the pipeline. The foaming system inside the machine mixes the water and the foaming agent according to the proportion set in advance, and then injects the high-pressure air to generate the foam with high density and uniform size. high-density foam and slurry in the pipeline fully mixed, and ultimately delivered to the construction area pumping system.
For the foaming system of the CLC block making machine in Malaysia, which is mainly used to produce rich and continuous foams. We have a foam generator device, which includes air compression, air tank, control panel and pulley. The pictures of the foaming machine is as follows:

block making machine

As to the feeding system of the CLC block making machine, we use the belt conveyor to feed materials ago, while we use the screw conveyor now. Because the screw conveyor can protect our health from the dirt compared with the belt conveyor. The picture of the screw conveyor is as below:

CLC block making machine

For the mixing system of the
CLC block making machine, we call it CLC block mixer. The mixer is divided into many models according to the capacity. If you need small capacity, we have 5, 10cbm.hr, if you like big capacity , we have 20, 30, 40 cbm/hr for your option. The picture of the mixer is as following:

CLC block making machine for sale

Regarding to the pumping system of the CLC block making machine in Malaysia, we have two kinds of pump. One is hose pump, the other is hydraulic pump. If you need the small capacity, we suggest you use the hose pump, if you need the big capacity, we suggest you use the hydraulic pump. The picture of the pumping system is as below:

block making machine in Malaysia

All the four systems of the CLC block making machine is mentioned , we do can provide. And for producing the CLC block, we can provide mould and wire cutting machine for you.

As to the mould, we can provide the hollow block mould of 600*250*150mm and 500*275*300mm for you. One mould can make 6 CLC blocks. Also, we can provide the solid block mould of 600*200*100 mm ( 20 blocks one mould) and 600*200*200mm(10 blocks one mould) for you. You can choose different size according to your needs.
For the wire cutting machine, which is a new product in the foam concrete plant. It is specially used to cut various foam concrete solid blocks. Easy operation, high efficiency. The pictures of the wire cutting machine is as following:

wire cutting machine

All the items above mentioned is a full CLC block production line. We do can provide for you if you need.

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