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Double jet grouting in Thailand

2018-09-28 09:32:57

Jet grouting is a highly specialized technique used to create an in situ mass of improved soil also called soil-cement.
The high-pressure jet grouting method is suitable for treating silt, silty soil, fluid plastic, soft plastic or plastic clay, silt, sand, loess, plain fill, and gravel soil. It is not suitable for the special soil that cannot make the sprayed slurry solidify. If it is rocky ground, jet grouting method is not working.

double jet grouting

Depending on the application and types of soils, one of three variations is used: the single system (slurry grout jet), the double system (slurry grout jet surrounded by an air jet) and the triple jet grouting system (water jet surrounded by an air jet, with a separate grout port). The jet grouting process constructs soilcrete panels, full columns, or partial columns with designed strength and/or permeability. Normally the jet grouting method is chosen based on the drawings that the projects require. Different jet grouting cement pile require different cement amount. It is based on the pile diameter.

double jet grouting Thailand

Double jet grouting is a form of the trenchless technique, jet grouting. This method of jet grouting simultaneous injection of a high pressure, high-velocity cementitious grout and compressed air ejected from the grout monitor to break down, remove and mix the in-situ surrounding soil. As for the double jet, usually, the cement column is about 600-800mm. It is widely used here in China.
When doing the jet grouting, end users should select working position, fix the body of the high-pressure rotary jet grouting drilling machine and then slowly raise the pile position.
At this point, the high pressure grouting pump starts to operate, and the pressure is transmitted to the conduction system through the pressure chamber. The special nozzle at the drill bit of the rotary jet grouting drilling machine is opened to ensure that the slurry can be fully ejected.

jet grouting Thailand

When the
high-pressure jet grouting drilling machine is in the process of raising, the drilling rod should rotate at a suitable speed. And the speed of the rotating is determined by the speed of the jetting. At this time, the high-pressure slurry of the jet grouting drilling machine can be slowly mixed while cutting the soil layer, so that the rotary jetting pile can be slowly formed.
A better jet grouting solution will create the soil-cement column steady and continuous. The rotation speed and rod rise were set up correctly and the pump was able to provide the required cement flow and pressure.

double jet grouting Thailand

If the pile is not continuous, it was badly built, compromising its bearing capacity: the pump may have stopped at some sections but the rod kept rising, hence not providing cement.

Or compromising its bearing capacity. The rod rise speed and rotation speed set ups did not follow the project specifications.

Thailand working job conditon is similar to China, so the jet grouting unit could be also used in Thailand. Jet grouting Thailand could help the contractor doing many jobs. This double jet grouting Thailand are in stock now. And delivery time could be within 5 working days after well test.

jet grouting drilling

If you want to know the double jet grouting in Thailand, please email us: info@gaodetec.com

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