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China small mud pump for sale

2018-06-11 19:23:38

A mud pump or drilling mud pump is used to circulate drilling mud on a drilling rig at high pressure. The mud is circulated down through the drill string, and back through the annulus at high pressures.

China portable mud pumps
are typically positive displacement pumps, otherwise known as reciprocating pumps. Positive displacement pumps are able to provide a constant flow rate of fluid regardless of the pump's outlet pressure. Duplex, triplex, and quintuplex pumps are all used as drilling mud pumps.

China small mud pump
delivers pressure and fluid volumes to meet all your project requirements both on- and offshore. With less noise and vibration, our mud pumps reduce service costs and increase operational efficiency. Small mud pump for sale could be driven either by a diesel engine or electric motor or hydraulic motor. Depending on fuel and energy available on or near a drilling rig, electric motors or diesel engine are common.

Gaode Equipment is professional in manufacture and produce
mud pump. Output from 80L/min, up to 2000L/min. It can meet different working jobs. Almost all pumps are in stock now, this can ensure very fast delivery to meet your projects. For more information about china small mud pump for sale, please feel free to email us:

China portable mud pump


China small mud pump


portable mud pump


small mud pump for sale

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