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China diesel hydroseeder for sale

2021-05-01 19:32:27

China diesel hydroseeder for sale
China diesel hydroseeder is a new green technology, which is the combination of spraying seed and unirrigated two methods. China diesel hydroseeder mix grass seed and water retaining agent, a binder, green fiber mulch and fertilizer, with water in the mixing container and turn into gum mixed slurry. And then high pressure pump will spray them on seeding land. Because of the mixed slurry containing water-holding materials and various nutrients required for plant growth to ensure that the water and other sources of nutrients, therefore the plant is able to grow healthy and rapidly, and need not be repeated hydration. Suitable for large area of green jobs, especially in the more arid areas of the lack of irrigation facilities.

China diesel hydroseeder for sale

China diesel hydroseeder for sale is mainly used in the following scenarios
1. Water conservancy and traffic engineering: ecological river bank, greening of reservoir fluctuation zone, wetland engineering, lake coast engineering, highway subgrade slope, pier slope protection, "eight-character" wall at culvert entrance and exit.
2. Municipal landscape engineering: mountain greening, mountain slope excavation, retaining wall engineering, ecological river bank in city center, park lake bank, landfill, golf course, etc.
3. Real estate landscape engineering: artificial landscape river course, residential slope, gardening landscape wall, hydrophilic retaining wall, roof greening, etc.
4. Other projects: emergency treatment of slope collapse, desert greening, nature reserves, flood control walls, ecological vertical walls, ecological greening of existing hardware structural planes, etc.

China diesel hydroseeder application

The following items should be paid attention to when using China diesel hydroseeder for sale
1. Engine: The engine is like a human heart, so daily inspection and maintenance should be especially careful, and external maintenance can be cleaned with special cleaning agent for engine, which is easy to operate. When excessive carbon deposition occurs in internal maintenance of engine, the engine can be cleaned without disassembly first, and the interior of engine can be cleaned without disassembly. If the effect is not good, the sprayer should be driven to the after-sales maintenance department to solve related problems for you.
2. Mud pump: Mud pump is an important part of diesel hydroseeder for sale, which directly affects the transportation of materials. The mud pump with large flow rate should be selected. Also know the price and conditions of replacing impeller or whole pump in the later period.
3. After-sales service: China diesel hydroseeder for sale manufacturers generally promise a certain warranty period, such as one year. A quality problem occurred during this period was repaired by the manufacturer. However, you must find out the exact warranty conditions of the manufacturer. It is generally considered that improper operation is not covered by the warranty.
The choice and ratio of matrix materials are directly related to the soil and water conservation of the slope and the stability of the sprayed materials and plant growth. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the matrix reasonably according to the portable China diesel hydroseeder for sale and according to the site conditions. 

China diesel hydroseeder for sale

Our company can customize diesel hydroseeder according to your project, please contact us! The email: info@gaodetec.com.

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