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600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack for construction

2021-05-03 20:50:50

600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack for construction
600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack for construction has the characteristics of large output force, light weight, and long-distance operation. Equipped with our ultra-high pressure electric oil pump station, it can realize various types of operations such as pushing, pushing, pulling, and squeezing. It is used in construction engineering, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, railway engineering, etc. and other industrial projects such as entry, stretching, and extrusion. In recent years, it has been widely used in foundation settlement tests and static piles.

600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack for construction

1. Double-acting, large-flow quick connector, can be used for push and pull.
2. The piston part and the inner side of the guide cap are welded with copper, the cylinder is never pulled, and the wear resistance is strong.
3. The inside of the cylinder is honing, and the piston rod is plated with hard chrome to prevent scratches and corrosion.
4. The extended stroke cylinder can be customized according to customer requirements.
5. In addition to vertical use, the jack can also perform the above functions in any orientation, such as lying, upside down, and inclined.
600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack for construction
1. The hydraulic jack is not suitable for places with acid, alkali or corrosive gas. Therefore, when using the hydraulic jack, you must pay attention to the sealing part and the pipe joint part, and ensure that it is safe and reliable.
2. When using the hydraulic jack, pay attention to the stability when it is lifted. After the heavy object is lifted, check for any abnormalities. If there is no abnormality, the jacking can be continued. It is not possible to lengthen the handle arbitrarily or operate it too hard. In addition, overloading and super high are strictly prohibited. When the plunger has a red line, it indicates that the rated height has been reached and the jacking should be stopped.
3. When using the hydraulic jack, the bottom of the jack needs to be padded and leveled to ensure that the bottom is tough. You can use a non-oily wooden board to pad the bottom to expand the pressure bearing surface and ensure safety. This work is absolutely forbidden to use iron plates instead of wooden boards, because the jack is placed on the iron plate and it is very easy to slide, so avoid using the iron plate to cushion the bottom of the jack.
4. When several jacks are working at the same time, it is necessary to have a special person to command, so that the lifting or lowering can be carried out synchronously, and the wooden blocks should be supported between two adjacent jacks to ensure the spacing to prevent sliding.

600 ton double acting hydraulic piston jack

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