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Center hole hydraulic jack manufacturer

2020-12-15 16:59:18

Center hole hydraulic jack manufacturer
As a professional center hole hydraulic jack manufacturer, Gaodetec has produces a variety of series of center hole hydraulic jacks, such as single acting center hole hydraulic jack, double acting center hole hydraulic jack and so on. The center hole hydraulic jack also come in different sizes depending on the stroke, the size of the center whole, and the capacity of the hydraulic fluid. 

center hole hydraulic jack manufacturer

Center hole hydraulic jack is load-bearing devices used to lift or move heavy objects. The general explanation of hydraulic jack refers to a variety of lifting devices that provide support by lifting the force exerted by the lever and other mechanical advantages. The difference between hydraulic jacks and other jacks is that incompressible hydraulic oil or jack oil is used as a force applying device. The mechanism for applying force depends on the specific type of jack, but it is usually a screw or hydraulic cylinder. According to the type of mechanism used to generate lift, center hole hydraulic jack is usually divided into mechanical power, hydraulic power and pneumatic power. Due to the difference in force generated by the lifting operation of the hydraulic cylinder, the lifting capacity of the center hole hydraulic jack is higher than that of the mechanical jack. 

Center hole hydraulic jack

The center hole hydraulic jack is mainly used for the overall pulling force of the group anchor. The jack is easy to operate, reliable and saves steel strands than other types of jacks. Center hole hydraulic jack is mainly used for bridge construction and other projects that use products such as anchor bolts and tensile equipment. Center hole hydraulic jack is composed of protective sleeve, end cover plug, connecting sleeve, bracing sleeve, rebound spring and dynamic and static sealing rings. The hydraulic jack has the function of tensioning and anchoring.

The hydraulic jack is easy to use, but special attention should be paid to the hydraulic cylinder during use. If the hydraulic cylinder fails and needs to be repaired or replaced before it can continue to be used, it will greatly reduce work efficiency and increase costs.

Common damage to hydraulic cylinders:
1. The leakage of hydraulic fluid can damage the surface of the hydraulic cylinder or cause damage to the internal parts of the hydraulic cylinder.
2. The leakage of the seal will cause the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder to decrease, and the jacking capacity of the hydraulic jack will decrease.
3. Failure to maintain proper pressure in the hydraulic cylinder may increase the leakage of the sealing fluid. Daily maintenance of hydraulic cylinders should be carried out so as to increase the service life and lifting capacity of the jack.

hydraulic jack manufacturer

Gaodetec is a hydraulic jack manufacturer, our products include: the center hole hydraulic jack, the self-locking hydraulic jack, the hand pump and others. If you are interested in the center hole hydraulic jack, please answer the following questions:
1. What tonnage and stroke do you want? Usually, standard stroke is 200mm in China, we also could customize it as per your request.
2. Need we supply electric pump for the jack?
3. What's your local voltage? It is 3 phase 380v 50Hz in China.

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