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Automatic cement spraying machine for building

2019-05-14 16:41:43

Automatic cement spraying machine , also is a mixing robot or portable small mixer, is a mixing device for sand ash, concrete or other dry materials, semi-fluid materials. The characteristics of the small mixer are: light weight (about 10Kg), small size, labor saving, high efficiency, multi-function, and strong adaptability.

automatic cement spraying machine

Cement spraying machines are widely used in home improvement tiling sand ash mixing, sidewalk brick laying sand ash mixing, garden engineering sand ash mixing, floor concrete mixing, small construction site masonry mortar, plastering mortar mixing, power communication and other field work sand ash, etc. Stirring, seedling fertilizer mixing, home brewing distiller mix and other scenes. It is also widely used in municipal engineering, small-scale water conservancy projects, rural housing construction, safe operation and regulation of house decoration, power communication engineering, harsh mountain environment, leisure agriculture, loose soil, weeding, etc. According to the type of mixing, the small mixer is divided into: vertical small mixer, mixing station portable hand-pushing small mixer, and small mesh sand mixer; according to the power driving method: electric drive small mixer and battery small mixer; according to the mixing capacity: The household type 220V small mixer and the construction site use a three-phase electric small mixer. 

automatic mortar spraying machine

cement spraying machine for building

The safe operation specifications for cement spraying machines are as follows: Small mixers are mechanically used, so mechanical safety is used in accordance with lifting. How to replace the mixing fan blades in the mixing drum of a small mixer? Why replace a small mixer to mix the blades? The small mixer is at the small mixer outside the support wheel. It is the internal mixer fan blade. Because the internal mixing fan blade of the small mixer is the only part of the small mixer that is in direct contact with the concrete and is running at high speed, the mixing fan blade is completely The supporting concrete agitates all the power output, so it is in direct contact with the hard sandstone and the viscous concrete, and it is inevitable that there will be no small wear. So can the small mixer blades be replaced privately? The small mixer fan blades are divided into two types, one is a detachable mixing fan blade; the other is a non-removable welding firm type mixing blade.

The two mixing blades have their own advantages: the detachable concrete mixing blades can be repeatedly disassembled and reinstalled according to your usage;
The non-detachable concrete mixer fan blade is not removable, it is welded and fixed, and the steel plate material is better worn and the wear rate is slower.
The two mixing blades have their own disadvantages: the detachable concrete mixer blades need several important technical indexes during the installation process. If they are not mastered, they will definitely affect the efficiency of the small mixers and the mixing quality of the concrete mixture. Repeated assembly and disassembly of the fan blade is likely to cause looseness. In this case, many accidents may occur during the operation.
Non-removable small concrete mixer blades are not removable for even minor wear.

cement spraying machine


mortar spraying pump

mortar spraying machine

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