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Matters need attention use of thin hydraulic cylinders

2019-03-27 17:11:54

When using hydraulic cylinder, first try to lift a part of the weight first, carefully check the hydraulic jacks after abnormalities, and then continue to lift the heavy objects. If the mat is found to be uneven after being pressed, not strong or the hydraulic jack is skewed. When it is necessary, the hydraulic jack must be depressurized and returned to the road, and the front can be disposed of in time to operate again.

25ton hydraulic jack

1. In the process of jacking up, the heavy sleeper should be lifted from time to time with the weight of the hydraulic jack to prevent the hydraulic jack from tilting or causing the piston to suddenly drop to form an accident. When placing heavy objects, gradually pull out the sleepers. The gap between the sleeper and the weight must not exceed the thickness of a sleeper to prevent accidents

2. If the top elevation of the heavy object needs to exceed the extra height of the thin hydraulic jack, firstly, the sleeper should be placed under the weight of the hydraulic jack, the thin hydraulic cylinder should be lowered, the bottom of the hydraulic jack should be raised, and the lifting should be repeated until the demand rises, height

3.  Hydraulic jacks can not be used as permanent support equipment. For long-term support, support parts should be added under the weight to ensure that the hydraulic jack is not damaged (hydraulic jack).

4. If only one hydraulic jack is used at one end of the lifting weight, the hydraulic jack should be placed on the axis of symmetry of the weight, and the direction of the hydraulic jack base and the direction in which the weight is easy to fall are not matched. When two hydraulic jacks are used at one end, the direction of the base should be slightly symmetrical and placed on both sides of the axis of symmetry of the weight.

5. When two or more hydraulic jacks are used for jacking work together, they must be unified, harmonious, and lifted together.

6. Hydraulic jacks should be stored in a monotonous, dust-free center. They are not suitable for use in workplaces with acid and alkali and corrosive gases, and should not be placed outdoors in the sun and rain. The technical standards should be strictly followed during operation. Users should follow the application. Check and support regularly.

50ton, 30 ton hydraulic cylinder

single acting solid jack and manual oil pump

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