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Hose pump for TBM boring project

2019-03-31 19:46:46

Hose pump is known as peristaltic pump, working principle is similar to the human body's digestive peristaltic system. When the hose pump is working, the rotor body rotates, and two pieces of squeeze rollers on the rotor body rotates along a special rubber hose. The pressing force generated by the pressure roller and the pump casing flattens the rubber hose, and the squeeze hose itself is elastic and the side guide roller under the force of force, the liquid is sucked in by the vacuum generated by the original state, and the liquid is discharged from the hose under the mechanical pressing of the squeeze roller, so that the reciprocating cycle.

Hose pump working principle

Hose pump working principle

The durability of the pump is mainly determined by the elasticity and corrosion resistance of the hose. The flow rate is related to the speed of the motor and the inner diameter of the squeeze. Therefore, the key is to select the hose and the speed control mechanism, as long as the hose has a long enough life and stable speed, long-term keeping quantitative rotate is no problem.

Hose pump for TBM project

In TBM boring project, hose pump is one better choice for using hose pump pumping bentonite. Squeeze hose is only wear part for hose pump, once squeeze hose is failed, only need take about 15 minutes to finish replacement of the squeeze hose. Throughout the work process, only squeeze hose contact with bentonite, hose pump for TBM no valve, no seal, easy to operate and replace. Hose pump for TBM no valve, no seal, could reverse in the working. Once the bentonite block the squeeze hose, it could be easy to eliminate blocking by reverse hose pump.

In order to recommend suitable model hose pump for you, please let us know working pressure and output capacity your project demands. More product information, please check our company website: www.gaodetec.com

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