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Borehole drilling machine for drill holes in rock

2019-10-31 16:28:17

Borehole drilling machine for drill holes in rock
DTH drilling machine is a device used to drill holes in rock (filling explosives in drilled holes) before engineering blasting. We have electric & pneumatic and full pneumatic two type of power borehole drilling machine for drill holes in rock for you choose.

borehole drilling machine for drill holes in rock

GD series 
borehole drilling machine for drill hole is our company design a new type of energy-saving and high efficiency drilling equipment, widely used in medium and small mines and road construction, national defense, water conservancy and the stone in the engineering of deep hole drilling operation, also is the indispensable drilling open-pit mining equipment, especially suitable for other jumbo can't normal operation on a rugged terrain.
For our electric rock drilling rig, we have the advantage of drill holes borehole drilling machine as below:
The propulsion, rotation and impact are all powered by compressed air, with simple structure, single power and convenient relocation.
Available in three single-tip, double-tip, and support-type support structures to accommodate any geological features.
The steering mechanism is concentrated and the operation is convenient and quick.
The unique double muffler has a good sound-absorbing effect and reduces environmental pollution.

drill holes borehole drilling machine

And for our full penumatic dth drilling machine, it has these features:
Used ordinary motor as the turning power, which is economical, efficient and energy-saving.
The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a large turning torque and high rock drilling efficiency.
Novel overload protection makes the rig run stably and reliably.
Three kinds of support structures: single top, double top and support type, which can be adapted to any geological landform.

rock borehole drilling machine

And the more important, all of our borehole drilling mahchine, our drill bits are made of alloy steel; and the impact energy loss doesn’t increase with the lengthening of the drill rod, and can drill large deep hole. 
Our rock borehole drilling machine is suitable for harsh work environment and place that traffic is not convenient. If you need it, just take action, contact us by email: info@gaodetec.com

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