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High tonnage hydraulic jacks for sale

2019-11-19 16:39:52

Double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jacks
High tonnage hydraulic jack produced by Gaodetec is powerful. Its high-pressure electric hydraulic cylinder is powered by a high-pressure electric oil pump. It has a hydraulic rebound and overflow function. It is designed with a safety protection booster that protects the pressure and a special construction that protects the jack. Hydraulic cylinders can withstand certain loads of 5% of rated pressure. High-pressure alloy cylinders are extremely durable, especially in larger engineering applications, and are easy to operate and control. Can be used for heavy machinery, bridge engineering, water conservancy projects, port construction and other equipment. It has the advantages of large output and light weight, which can be compared with the high-pressure oil pump of China. It can reach the working hours of jack, push, pull and press.
 high tonnage hydraulic jacks

Double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jack working principle:
The high tonnage hydraulic jack is composed of a casing, a large piston, a small piston, a wrench, a fuel tank, etc., and has a small volume and a large working capacity. The high tonnage hydraulic jack is especially suitable for occasions where the space is small, it is light, flexible and has a strong top force. The most basic principle based on hydraulic transmission is the Pascal principle. That is, the pressure around the liquid is consistent. Therefore, in a balancing system, the lower the pressure exerted on the small piston, the greater the pressure. The pressure exerted on the piston is also relatively large, keeping the liquid stationary. Therefore, by the transfer of the liquid, different pressures at different ends can be obtained, thereby achieving a conversion. The hydraulic electric jacks we often use are using this principle to achieve force transmission.

high tonnage hydraulic jacks for sale

The structure and characteristics of the double acting high tonnage hydraulic jacks are as follows:
1. Using a new type of sealing element to simultaneously improve the sealing strength of the hydraulic cylinder under high pressure;
2. The special alloy steel hydraulic cylinder material is used, and the heat treatment process is adopted to reduce the expansion ratio of the cylinder during the tensioning process, so that the life and sealing performance of the seal is improved by about 20%;
3. For the double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jack, it is easy to damage the jack due to overpressure during the tensioning process. The over pressure protection valve is added to the double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jack to play the role of pressure relief protection.
At the same time, we have improved several commonly used screws and flange plate structures, improved the load carrying capacity of the double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jacks on the return pressure, and greatly reduced the possibility of damaging the double-acting high tonnage hydraulic jacks due to improper operation.
 high tonnage hydraulic jacks price
Our double-acting, high tonnage hydraulic jacks feature new constructions and new processes that have improved performance compared to conventional hydraulic jacks. Our high tech equipment entered the hydraulic tool industry earlier, specializing in the development, production and operation of hydraulic jacks and electric pumps. Products are widely used in highways, railways, bridges, urban interchanges, hydropower dams, rock and soil anchoring, high rise buildings, slope reinforcement, tunnels, etc. Our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain. , Nepal, Azerbaijan, Mexico, etc.

high tonnage hydraulic jacks cost

We can also customize the different tonnage jacks they need depending on the customer's application site. To know more about our products, please visit our official website: https://www.gaodetec.com/anchor-equipment-and-tools/

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