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The advantage of double acting electric hydraulic power pack

2018-01-29 13:42:23

Why so many customers choose our double acting electric hydraulic power pack, because our hydraulic power pack with the following advantage.

1. Printing on the surface of our power pack, it can be anti-corrosion, and stronger anti-pollution performance.

2. Light weight, more compact design, it is easily to mobile.

3. Our electric hydraulic power pack is double acting design, low pressure flow, each part can start quickly when unloading, high pressure and low pressure can be switched by manual or automatic.

4. High pressure flow is big, suitable for matching with large tonnage hydraulic jack or hydraulic cylinder.

5. Equipping adjustable pressure valve, it is convenient for calibration of working pressure, and it can be used for preventing pressure overload.

6. Equipping a electric motor starter, it has the function of overload and Leakage protection.

7. Durable reversing valve, suitable for single acting hydraulic jack or double acting hydraulic jack, it can be remote controlled if with solenoid valve.

8. We also add PLC control for the double acting power pack

double acting power pack

hydraulic power pack

electric power pack

electric hydraulic power pack

power pack

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