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Cement mortar spraying machine price

2018-01-30 15:09:06

GAODETEC cement mortar spraying machine is a small machinery of mixing, pumping and spraying cement mortar. It is one pf sprayer used to spray domestic produced mortar within 3mm. Daily spray area can be up to 1500 square meters, suitable for housing protection, paint, paste and bottom slurry.

Meanwhile, our cement mortar spraying machine price is more favorable than other suppliers. It can spray 330m hourly, work efficiency can be increased by 25 times. Basically no ash fall, save water, save material, can reduce the 20% cost or more. Mainly used for indoor and outdoor spraying, waterproof grout and waterproof surface coating, waterproof coating, grouting, ceiling painting, wall painting, paint spraying, landscape painting, embossed paint spraying, crafts spray, lacquer, rockery spray, sculpture spray can, acoustic material spraying and so on.

So if you are interested in our
mortar spraying machine price and quality, welcome to contact us at any time! 

mortar spraying machine price

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