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A common system of classification of prestressed anchor

2014-08-29 13:40:13

Prestressed anchorage system of common categories:
Conventional anchorage
(1) cylinder.Specifications are expressed as: M15 - N or M13 - N.The anchorage has good anchorage performance and put Zhang Zimao performance.Jack tensioning usually use to wear heart
(2) the cuboid flat anchor.Specifications are expressed as: BM15 - N or BM13 -n (B, flat anchor hanyu pinyin, the first letter sector the anchorage of prestressed anchorage mean);Flat anchorage is mainly used for bridge deck horizontal, hollow slab, low height girder, uniform stress distribution is more reasonable and further reduce the thickness of the thin structure.Bond type prestressed anchorage (3) the anchorage.Specifications are expressed as: M15P - N or M13P - N.Suitable for component design stress big side cloth or end space is restricted, it USES the extruder will squeeze the casing pressure the knots on the steel strand of a bond anchorage, it embedded in concrete, configuration, as required after concrete setting to the design strength, tension.
Prestressed anchorage tensioning end anchorage by clamping piece, anchor ring, anchor plate and spiral reinforcement of four parts, the clip is the key components of the anchoring system, in the form of two chip, made of high quality alloy steel.BYM13 series anchorage used for anchoring Ф 12.7 and Ф 12.9 strands;BYM15 series anchorage used for anchoring Ф 15.2 and Ф 15.7 strands;BYM18 series anchorage for 17.8 steel strand anchor Ф;Ф BYM22, BYM28 anchorage for diameter 21.8 and 28.6 steel strand Ф single and tensioning of anchorage

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