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Anchor is mainly used in the engineering construction

2014-08-29 13:45:53

 Anchor is suitable for the engineering construction process, the concrete anchor prestressed tensioning.Is often used in bridge construction, generally installed position in advance, and then pouring concrete, buried in the ends of the concrete, which is two end, corrugated pipe is set for the stability of tension when jack's face.Permanent anchor device used in the concrete.Anchor can be divided into two categories: anchorage tensioning end anchorage: (a) installed at the end of prestressed reinforcement and can Zhang Mao also called prestressed anchorage, anchorage, is the method in the structure or component, to maintain the tension of the prestressed reinforcement and pass it to the mix, anchorage;Anchorage (b) fixed end anchorage: installation at the end of prestressed reinforcement, usually embedded in the concrete and not in tensioned anchorage.
Its anchorage efficiency coefficient is high, the anchorage performance is stable and reliable.Tensioning end anchorage 1, steel strand tensioning end anchorage system include: M15 anchorage (applicable to 15.2, ф ф 15.7 mm steel strand) M13 anchorage (applicable to 12.7, ф ф 12.9 mm steel strand) BM15, BM13 flat anchor (applicable to flat structure) MZ15, MZ13 ring anchor (applicable to cyclic stress structure) 2, ML type connector series include: single span prestressed reinforcement as extension, is typically used for Zhang Fazhong first;Porous as long prestressed beam, usually used in continuous beam.3, P type anchoring system P type anchorage system including extrusion anchorage (composed of extrusion set and triangular copper wire extrusion spring), anchor anchor plate coil, corrugated pipe, spiral reinforcement, and constraints.4, JLM finishing rebar anchor consists of nut and plate, suitable for 25, ф ф 32 high strength reinforced bar of pipe.it is tensioned anchor.

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