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Reverse circulation drill RIGS and impact of engineering pile machine using comparison

2014-08-28 18:18:36

Reverse circulation drill RIGS and impact of engineering pile machine using comparison
Reverse circulation drill RIGS and impact engineering machine with piles, the two biggest similarities is that work is more fast and convenient, and can be applied flexibly.So what is the difference between them, mainly divided into two aspects, characteristics and scope such as shock ability is characteristic of impingement engineering drill.
Product introduction: 8 jh - 80 series reverse circulation drill, reverse circulation drill RIGS and impact of engineering pile machine using comparison.
Reverse circulation construction drill main features are:
One, main structure characteristics, the series of drill consists of main engine parts, generators, hydraulic system, vacuum system, lifting equipment of six parts.
2, 1) for power head type drilling rig, drilling long journeys, and joint pipe is convenient, without added active drill pipe.2. The pipe structure is novel, introduced and unique twist unloading tools, remove the drill pipe is convenient and quick.3. The active source for mechanical and electrical.4. Bring your own power supply, with self-propelled structure, flexible for work.5. High degree of standardization, generalization, convenient operation and maintenance.
Reverse circulation drill products use scope;Apply to the soil, rock formations by its suitable for egg gravel layer, gravel cemented eggs, such as complex formation, widely used in road and bridge engineering, construction engineering, foundation engineering construction in the field of agricultural engineering etc, it is an ideal equipment of large diameter deep foundation engineering construction.This series of drilling rig is a blend of modern hydraulic pile driving machinery, new technology and new technology of main performance parameters reached the domestic advanced level, to ensure the reliability of the whole machine.
Reverse circulation drill RIGS and impact engineering with the comparison of the pile machine, impact type engineering pile machine features: using GY - 150 type drill is a free impact ability, hydraulic feed, hydraulic high-speed portable rig moving.This machine is mainly used in engineering geological survey, shallow underground chisel, solid deposit of diamond.Exploration and inspection hole of various kinds of concrete structure.Can be chosen according to different stratum, the diamond and alloy and steel grit for drilling bit.Overall vertical axle box to improve the service life of the umbrella wheel, save grease, reduce the pollution of environment.Oil pressure feed, automatic hydraulic moving locking, positioning the ball cassette clamping mechanism, active tool to realize non-stop down rod, improves the drilling efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers.Upper and lower frame for this drill adopts 16 manganese plate stamping molding, compared to domestic same type drilling rig, truly the light weight, improve feed efficiency, reduce labor intensity drill after the collapse of the unit components are light weight, easy to move.
Disclaimer: all information of drill channel to publish not declare or guarantee the accuracy of its content or reliability;You in the accepted and admitted to trust any information arising shall be borne by risk.

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