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Good quality 500kg pan mixer for refractory sale

2024-02-04 16:24:30

Good quality refractory pan mixer is specially designed for mixing refractory materials, castable etc in refractory installing project. Different with common mixer, there are high wear-resistant liners in the refractory pan mixer bottom and wall, and high wear-resistant mixing blade, improve greatly service life. Five pieces different purpose of stirring arms, respectively for mixer drum bottom, wall and shaft. Mixing effect is also better than common mixer. Good quality refractory pan mixer adopts helical bevel gear motor, high load carrying capacity.

500kg refractory castable pan mixer

castable pan mixer 500kg

castable refractory pan mixer 250kg

castable refractory pan mixer 500kg

According to different volume, good quality pan mixer for refractory is divided into 100Kg, 300Kg, 500Kg, 800Kg and 1000Kg. Discharge door could be customized according to customers’ require, manual discharge door and hydraulic door for option. Also could customize suitable mixer according to customers project requirement. Usually customers tell us how much voltage they need, we could customize the suitable voltage motor gearbox for customers.

refractory castable mixer machine

500 Kg capacity good quality pan mixer for refractory also named GRM500. It is a small size refractory pan mixer. Its mixing capacity is 500Kg, and its motor power is 11Kw. It weighs up to 1010Kg, its dimensions is 1.70*1.25*1.35m.

refractory pan mixer

Our good quality refractory pan mixer have many advantages:
1. High wear resistance. 
2. The uniquely designed blades can achieve high-speed and uniform mixing. 
3. Equipped with a soft protection device motor, which can effectively buffer the damage to the machine starting. 
4. Provide an intermittent and continuous mixing tank, and the materials transported therein are processed with the most advanced technology. And the wall and bottom of refractory pan mixer can effectively prevent materials accumulation.

500kg refractory mixing machine

Good quality pan mixer for refractory operation instructions:
1. Preparations before starting: check whether there are sundries in the disk, check whether the bolts in each part are loose or missing, check whether the scraper is loose, whether the angle is correct, and whether the power wire is leaking.
2. Startup: Clear all the materials in the disk to ensure that it restarts after emptying. Turn on the power and start the machine, listen for abnormal sounds, and add materials according to the regulations.
3. Shutdown: Stop the machine after the materials in the pan are finished, and clean the remaining materials in the pan.

castable refractory mixing machine

Maintenance note: 
1. When replacing the scraper, be sure to cut off the power supply and hang up a sign prohibiting starting. It is best if someone guards the power supply.
2.The staff should regularly change the oil for the machine and add grease to the motor bearings. To extend the service life of the machine.
Contact us for good quality refractory pan mixer price:
If you are interested in our good quality refractory pan mixer, please help us confirm the following questions:
1.What is mixing materials with our machine, for mixing refractory, castable or others?
2.What is the mixer capacity you need, 100kg/batch, 250kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 800kg/batch, 1000kg/batch or others?
3. What is the voltage you need, here is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase, is it OK for you?
We could customize according to your requirements, just tell us the application of the product or the parameter information you need. 
You can send demands to our email, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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