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500kg planetary mixer for mixing raw material glass

2023-08-14 18:15:13

We have two major production bases, focusing on the R&D and production of planetary mixing equipment. The products are used in the mixing of concrete, refractory materials, glass raw materials, chemical raw materials, ceramics, metallurgy, and many other materials, and complete various mixing tasks in a short time. Realize the uniform and efficient mixing and stirring operation of the material body.

glass raw material planetary mixer

There are various types of glass raw material mixers, ranging from a few liters to thousands of liters. According to the differences in models, the unloading methods are also different, including manual unloading, tilting unloading, and hydraulic unloading, so as to complete small batches large quantities of materials are required to be unloaded, and the discharge can be completely clean. It can be used in various places such as laboratories, large-scale production lines, and mixing stations. The glass raw material mixer has good sealing performance and has a fully enclosed special design to prevent Contamination also helps to achieve vacuum mixing. Last week, a customer asked us about a 500kg planetary mixer for mixing raw material glass.

glass raw material mixer

The glass raw material planetary mixer is an industrial machine, which is outstanding because of its three-dimensional turbulent flow principle. The material tank of the mixer and the mixing rotor rotate together to form a material flow at the centrifugal position. The combination of the fixed scraper can shear and beat the material. The speed difference in the rotation process realizes the uniform mixing effect of the material on the microcosm. Under the action of the scraper blade, the material turns up and down to complete the macroscopic mixing in the up-and-down direction.

planetary mixer for mixing raw material glass

Due to its good mixing effect and excellent performance, the glass raw material mixer has great development potential in the glass industry. The three-dimensional turbulent mixing concept and inclined structure are welcomed by the market. For materials that are not easy to mix, the inclined strong mixing It can also be easily completed under the action of the machine, the equipment has a high loading rate, a small footprint, and a large material discharge capacity.

500kg mixer for raw material glass

Other devices (jacket, spray, heating, etc.) inside the 500kg glass raw material mixer can be independently selected and matched to realize the functions of heating, cooling, or adding the appropriate amount of additives to the material. The equipment supports customized design and production to match the production site. environment, the inside of the cylinder is equipped with a liner to resist wear and corrosion. The material of the liner can be selected, such as stainless steel, wear-resistant alloy, ceramics, surfacing, vulcanized rubber, etc.

500kg planetary mixer for mixing raw material glass

If you are interested in a 500kg glass raw material mixer, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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