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3000 gallon hydroseeder for sale

2022-02-05 00:56:18

Background of the widespread application of hydroseeding technology:
With the acceleration of urbanization and the gradual development of various development and construction projects, a large number of exposed slopes have been formed. These exposed slopes have not only caused serious damage to the original soil and water conservation functions, but also caused landslides to collapse, while also greatly destroying the ecological landscape. Although traditional protection measures such as anchors, mortar masonry frameworks, cement skeletons, retaining walls and other protective measures can effectively ensure the stability of slopes, they are not well coordinated with the surrounding landscape and far from satisfying the modern urban landscape and people's aesthetic requirements. However, the hydroseeding technology and hydroseeder for sale can meet the dual needs of ecological restoration and green protection at the same time.

3000 gallon hydroseeder

Application of 1000 liter hydroseeder machine:
Based on the above background, 1000 liter hydroseeder and 3000 gallon hydroseeder is more and more applied in steep slopes that are difficult to grow lawns by ordinary methods, slope protection on both sides of railways, highways, etc. It is also suitable for the establishment of large areas of lawns in golf courses, sports fields and cities. In addition to spraying seeds, 1000 liter hydroseeder can also spray stolons.

hydroseeder for sale

We are hydroseeder machine manufacturer. In terms of tank capacity, we have 1000L, 2000L, 4000L, 6000L, 8000L, and especially large capacity 15000L for your optional. If you have any other demand, you could tell us and we could provide customize service. For example: 3000 gallon hydroseeder and 1000 liter hydroseeder are the more popular ones and are two of our more customized ones.

1000 liter hydroseeder

Operation precautions of 1000 liter hydroseeder:
1. Before starting the engine, it should be placed in a no-load state. Put the power clutch in the "off" position, and the stirring reversing lever in the "stop" position. After starting, you should increase the throttle slowly, not suddenly increase or decrease the throttle;
2. The soil used for spraying should be sieved and added to the box body to avoid clogging the nozzles during construction;
3. When the outdoor temperature is too low, the cooling water in the engine water tank must be drained;
4. When the 1000 liter hydroseeder is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts such as the running gear and belt;
5. When operating and loading materials on the 1000 liter hydroseeder, be sure not to take out the screen in the box to prevent people from falling into it, and check whether the screen is strong and firm every day;
Be sure to add water to the water tank of the diesel engine before starting up, flush the water pipes and pipes after the operation, and turn off the switch.

3000 gallon hydroseeder with wheels for sale

Contact us for price of hydroseeder machine:
In order to confirm which type hydroseeder suitable for your job, could you please help us to confirm the following information:
1. What's the project you will use the machine do? for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. What's the mixing tank capacity you need, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L, 15000L or bigger or smaller?
3. About the engine, do you need Chinese brand engine or Cummins engine?
You can send your demands to our email, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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