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What should we do if the positive and negative pumps of trailer diesel concrete pump cannot pump water?

2019-10-25 10:39:39

Positive and negative pumps of trailer diesel concrete pump observe the pressure gauge, the pressure is 0, and the system is pressureless. The DT1 solenoid valve was detected to be normal and the spool was manually placed. The fault still exists. It is suspected that the safety valve spool of trailer diesel concrete pump is stuck, the top cover is removed and the valve core is removed, and the up and down movement of the valve core is flexible and normal; the spring is removed, 5 coins are replaced, the valve plug cover is installed, and the test machine is still faulty, indicating that the overflow valve is normal. Continuing the test, it was found that all functions of the boom and piston retracted were not normal, the speed was automatically adjusted, and all three pressure gauges were found to be zero. Please note that the fault should be located in the pressure output section of trailer diesel concrete pump. Remove the transfer case and check the third spindle spline and gear for damage.

Analyze whether the pumping solenoid valve of trailer diesel concrete pump is normal. It can be said that the driving and pumping position detection should be normal, but re-detection: I2.5 light is on, the position of the transfer box is close to the switch light, the car is running, the pumping action is normal, indicating that the drive and the pump control circuit of trailer diesel concrete pump is not faulty. The engine speed of diesel concrete pump is normal, the system has no pressure, and the position detection is fault free. Therefore, it is determined that the fault is the problem of the internal shift fork of the transfer case.
 trailer diesel concrete pump cannot pump water

When we use a trailer diesel concrete pump, there are still many problems to be aware of. When in the discharge process, the mixing drum needs to be rotated in the opposite direction so that it can be quickly discharged. Once this is done, the power take-off can be turned off. Normally, the power output device of trailer diesel concrete pump mainly takes out the power of the engine by controlling the switch of the power output device, and transmits the power to the mixer drum through the hydraulic system. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

positive and negative pumps of trailer diesel concrete pump

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