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WSS construction method grouting process

2022-05-12 13:54:17

This WSS grouting drilling rig is mainly used for drilling of various engineering holes and geological structures.

WSS grouting drilling rig

Technical features of WSS construction method grouting processg:
1. During the grouting process, the grouting pipe does not rotate, and the phenomenon of slurry overflow does not occur, which is conducive to protecting the environment from pollution.
2. The method of adjusting the proportion of grouting and grouting pressure can make the grouting range artificially controlled, the setting time can be adjusted, and the double-liquid grouting device can be used for compound injection construction.
3. The slurry mixer at the end of the double pipe can completely mix the two slurries and make the slurries uniform.
4. It can be grouted vertically from the ground, or inclined grouting, and the grouting pressure can be appropriately increased. The machine can be rotated 360° for grouting.
5. It can work continuously from drilling to grouting.
6. The grouting material can be glass, silica gel negative body, etc.
7. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in various soil layers.

WSS grouting construction technology

Taking the reinforcement of the weak soil layer above the horizontal passage of No. 4 shaft in the Jingjia section of Qingdao Metro R3 Line as the background, the paper systematically expounds the selection of grouting materials, the parameters of grouting in proportion, the layout of drilling holes, and the construction technology. After the WSS construction method, it can not only strengthen the weak soil but also achieve the water-stop effect. It is hoped that it can provide some reference for similar projects in the future.

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