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Grouting reinforcement drilling rig

2022-05-14 18:09:10

ZLJ series grouting reinforcement drilling rig is mainly used for the drilling operations of water exploration, gas exploration and release, dust-proof water injection holes, various engineering holes and geological structures in coal mines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple operation and maintenance, etc.

grouting drilling rig

Using mechanical power transmission and hydraulic feeding, the output efficiency of the whole machine is more than 95%;
The structure is compact and the link design is reasonable. It can be divided into four parts: motor, gyrator, gearbox winch, and frame control mechanism. It is easy to disassemble, easy to assemble, and easy to carry;
Hydraulic chuck type design, simple operation can realize easy conversion of 360-degree drilling;
The gears of our factory are ground and ground, and the control valve adopts Xiangtan hydraulic pressure, which improves the quality of the whole machine;
Years of experience in exploration, exploration and deployment of drilling rigs, and mature technical solutions for multiple cases for your reference;
Series models, a variety of choices, according to specific inquiries requirements, can be flexibly selected, saving money for your project!

Grouting reinforcement drilling rig

Scope of grouting reinforcement drilling rig 
Mine: It is suitable for water exploration, coal exploration, gas exploration and discharge, dust-proof water injection at different angles in the mine;
Engineering: It is suitable for grouting holes, threading holes, sound side holes of foundation piles, core holes, etc.
Grouting reinforcement drilling rig features:
Rotator assembly: formed by machining center to ensure coaxiality.
Half-ring TQPEA-0015 is processed through multiple processes of straightening, quenching, plane grinding and wire cutting to ensure product reliability and interchangeability.
Gear: The occlusal clearance is guaranteed to be less than or equal to 10um.
Relief valve, multi-way reversing valve and throttle valve are all provided by Dachang.
Slip: Made of bearing steel, the quenching hardness is above 60Hrc, which improves wear resistance and has a longer service life.
The hoses are provided by brand manufacturers with coal mine safety standards.
The chassis of the drilling rig can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. 

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