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Ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack for sale

2023-04-24 15:17:11

Ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack is also a separate hydraulic jack. It is relatively small in size, but its work efficiency is still very high, especially in places with small spaces, and it is not limited by the place.

single acting thin hydraulic jack

single acting ultra thin hydraulic jack

thin hydraulic jack

Features of Ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack:
1. The name of the thin hydraulic jack is a very compact machine. Its jacking force is about 50t--200t. It is used by chemical companies and equipment companies. It is small and light, with high power and high work efficiency.
2. The thin type hydraulic jack is based on Pascal's principle. It operates through hydraulic balance and uses a small piston. It has a compact structure, but the production department is cumbersome and easy to maintain.
3. The characteristic of single acting thin type hydraulic jack is to use a single acting, elastic retractable structure.
4. The piston is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. There is also a designed dust plug to increase the service life. It is equipped with a handle and is easy to move.

single acting hydraulic jack

thin hydraulic jack for lifting

thin hydraulic jack with hand pump

Maintenance method of Ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack:
1. During work, the liquid level of the fuel tank should always be kept on the center line of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from being sucked. When refueling, use an oil filter to filter out impurities in the new oil. For regular use, clean the oil filter every two months, clean the fuel tank every six months, and replace with new oil at the same time.
2. The normal working temperature of the hydraulic jack oil pump is 10`C-50`C. If the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to take cooling measures or stop the pump. When the oil temperature is too low, it is necessary to take heating measures or operate at low pressure to increase the oil temperature.
3. Before starting the motor, the reversing valve needs to be changed to the middle half position. Jog several times to prevent the high-pressure pump from being sucked out, and it can be used only after the air is removed.
4. The working pressure set by the electric oil pump at the factory shall not be increased arbitrarily.
5. When the high-pressure hose leaves the factory, it has passed a pressure test of 1.25 times the rated pressure. Due to the aging of the glue, users should pay attention to regular inspections when using them for a long time, once every six months. When checking and doing the pressure test, if there is leakage, bulge or burst, it must be replaced. When using, avoid discounts and sharp bends, and do not get too close to the hose.

thin jack

ultra thin hydraulic jack

ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack

The above are the characteristics and maintenance methods of the ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack that we have summarized for you. If you use the jack according to these points, then under our maintenance, the use time of the jack will be relatively longer. If you Just now there is a need for ultra thin single acting hydraulic jack, please contact us directly, we will provide you with a suitable quotation as soon as possible, email: info@gaodetec.com

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