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Ultra-thin hydraulic jack manufacturer

2023-05-02 18:14:48

The ultra-thin hydraulic jack is small in size, so it is very suitable for working in some narrow spaces, and it can also be used for heightening many times. Let's talk about what needs to be paid attention to when making ultra-thin hydraulic jacks?

ultra-thin hydraulic cylinder

ultra-thin jack for lifting

thin hydraulic jack

1. When manufacturing and repairing ultra-thin hydraulic jack parts, it is necessary to strictly control geometric shape deviation, dimensional tolerance and fit clearance.
2. Repair and scrape the guide rail, remove rust and burrs, make the contact area of the two contact guide rail surfaces ≥ 75%, adjust the inserts, and the lubricating oil in the oil tank is smooth.
3. Based on the flat guide rail surface, repair and scrape the installation surface of the hydraulic jack to ensure that the parallelism is less than 0.1mm in the entire length; adjust the side bus bar of the hydraulic jack piston rod based on the V-shaped guide rail, and the parallelism between the two is within 0.1mm , The piston rod and the table are connected by a ball pair.
4. The coaxiality between the jack piston and the piston rod is required to be ≤0.01/1000. All seals installed in the sealing groove must not have unequal compression margins on the surrounding sides. If necessary, the outer circle can be used as the reference to grind the bottom diameter of the sealing groove , When sealing the assembly, it must not be too tight or too loose.
5. Prevent the air from being sucked into the system by the pump, and enter the system from the oil return pipe, and eliminate the relevant faults of the hydraulic components and the hydraulic system. measure.
6. Use suitable lubricating oil for the guide rail, and use guide rail oil if necessary, because the guide rail oil contains polar additives, which increase the oiliness, so that the oil molecules can be tightly adsorbed on the guide rail surface, and the oil film will not be broken after the movement stops. Ensure the state of fluid lubrication, so that the difference between dynamic and static friction coefficients is extremely small.
7. Strengthen the rigidity of each mechanical transmission part, and eliminate the crawling phenomenon caused by sealing.

ultra-thin hydraulic jack for sale

ultra-thin hydraulic jack manufacturer

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ultra-thin hydraulic jack

The above is the relevant information that needs to be paid attention to during the production of ultra-thin jacks. If you want to know more information or want to buy an ultra-thin jack, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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