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Triplex mud pump manufacturer

2021-03-15 15:50:42

Triplex mud pump manufacturer
Gaode Equipment is a triplex mud pump manufacturer, which has focused on manufacturing and selling mud pump for more than 13 years. 

mud pump manufacturer

The triplex mud pump is one of the principal equipment for drilling. The triplex mud pump delivers enough volume circulating mud water of desired characteristic under pressure into the well to bring the rock clastic up to the ground, to cool the drill bit to lubricate the drill tool, and to protect the wall of the well. So the function of the piston mud pump for water well affects the efficiency of drilling and safety in production directly.

triplex mud pump

The two main parameters of drilling rig mud pump performance are flow and pressure.
The flow rate of mud pump for drilling rig is calculated as a few liters per minute, which is related to the diameter of the borehole and the required speed of the flushing fluid from the bottom of the hole, that is, the larger the hole diameter, the greater the required flow rate. The up-and-back speed of the flushing fluid is required to flush the cuttings and rock dust cut by the drill bit away from the bottom of the hole in time, and to be carried to the surface reliably. In geological core drilling, the upward and backward speed is generally about 0.4 to 1.0 m/min.

mud pump for drilling rig

The pressure of the triplex mud pump depends on the depth of the borehole, the resistance of the channel through which the flushing fluid passes, and the nature of the flushing fluid delivered. The deeper the borehole, the greater the pipeline resistance and the higher the pressure required.

As the diameter and depth of the borehole change, the drilling rig mud pump for sale flow rate is required to be adjusted at any time. In the structure of the drilling rig mud pump, there is a gearbox or a hydraulic motor to adjust its speed to achieve the purpose of changing the flow. In order to accurately grasp the pressure and displacement changes of the pump, a flow meter and pressure gauge should be installed on the mud pump so that the driller can know the operation of the water well mud pump at any time. At the same time, the pressure change can judge whether the condition in the hole is normal to prevent accidents in the hole.
The mud pump is widely used in transfer water, mud and other flushing fluids when drilling in water well, oil and gas well area, such as mining, drilling, coal, railway, highway, water conservancy and hydropower, bridges. It can be also used for high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement works.

drilling rig mud pump for sale

Whether you have questions about mud pump, need spare parts, or are embarking on a new mud pump project, contact us to put our expertise to work in your operation. We are happy to help you with high-quality mud pump. Please feel free to contact us: info@gaodetec.com

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