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Trailer portable concrete pump application advantage summary

2018-05-31 18:22:12

Trailer small portable concrete pump is used to convey ready concrete through a pipeline. This is widely used in building construction. HBT series small aggregate concrete pump application have successfully widely used in the pumping concrete at small projects.

The overall advantages of the trailer concrete pump:

1. Power system adopts the domestic famous brand electric and diesel engine

2. Using three-pump system, hydraulic loop does not interfere with each other ,the system runs stably , high reliability

3. With anti-pump function, to promptly eliminate the failure of blocking tube , for a short period of time and reliable downtime

4. Using advanced S tube corundum, can automatically compensate the wear gap between the parts, good sealing performance

5. Using durable alloy glasses plate and cutting ring, long service life 

6. Long stroke cylinder, extended the service life of cylinder and piston

7. Optimal design of hopper, easy to clean, absorbing better

8. Equipped with hydraulic driving high pressure cleaner, cleaning faster, less water

9. Automatically centralized the lubrication system, make sure the machine obtain the timely and effective lubrication while operation

10. Humanized design of products which makes the operation very convenient.

Trailer portable concrete pump application

The advantages of
concrete pump hydraulic system:

Adopting double-pump and double-loop hydraulic system, the main pump transmission line and the S valve oscillating oil line are independent of each other, which makes the system simple, the component life extend, the reliability higher, and the easy judgment and elimination of faults.

The main pumping oil circuit adopts large-diameter valve commutation, fast response, small internal leakage, good stability, high reliability, and high pollution resistance. Pumping hydraulic system with safety overflow protection, at the same time, the main pump also has system overpressure, the oil pump pressure automatically cut off the device, so that the main pump to obtain multiple levels of reliable protection.

The oscillating oil circuit uses a gear pump to supply oil. The oscillating force is large and has energy-saving features. Cone sealing is used for all pipelines and pipe joints are sealed reliably.

The use of high and low voltage conversion, eliminating the need to remove, install the oil tube. The integrated anti-emulsion technology combining active defense and passive defense is adopted.

The advantages of concrete pump electric control system

Compared with domestic product, the electric control system is simplest, the element quantity is fewest and its reliability is highest.

The wire remote equipment is convenient for operation far away.

Adopting proximity switch in hydraulic cylinder can realize changing direction with non-touch, which ensures that the direction can be changed reliably.

The advantages of concrete pump lubrication system

The hydraulic circuit will take high oil into double distributor, and then the lubricating part can obtain hydraulic oil. It ensures the lubrication of the concrete cylinder’s piston and other parts and prolongs the life of piston and other sealings.

The advantages of concrete pump cooling system

The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 70℃ and makes the machine in normal status.

portable concrete pump

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