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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale

2016-04-26 15:11:36

Hand push thermoplastic road marking machine is hot melt marking construction of the most important and most commonly used tool of construction. Hand push thermoplastic road marking machine crossed the line width is the width of the shoe decisions, often shoe width is 100mm, 150mm, 200mm etc.

Hand push thermoplastic road marking machine has much advantage. For example,

It is to use less equipment, long life, can be used 3-5 years, reflective effect at night is good, strong anti-pollution, long-term to maintain sharpness, good adhesion, excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

Hand push thermoplastic road marking machine working principle is the scratch-type construction, the construction of the solid powder coating pour into the thermoplastic kettle, melt molten fluid state, into the hand-push road marking machine the molten insulation shoe, and maintained so that the material remains molten. Start working, it should be put on the shoe crossed the road, due to the shoe and the ground there is a certain gap, when the thermoplastic road marking machine promote, by automatically flowing and scraping out a neat marking, it automatically evenly spreading a layer of the reflective glass beads.

Construction procedure and method of hot melt coating:

1. the marking construction process;

Thermoplastic marking construction safety facilities to be ready, clean pavement, stakeout, coating and other finishing processes, these processes affect the construction quality is good or bad, but all aspects closely cooperate with each other.

2. Safety equipment;

After reaching the construction site, the first to do security work.

3. Pavement cleaning;

Clean the contact surface is to ensure that the paint can with a solid premise and the road surface.

4. Stakeout;

After cleaning the road, it is timely to stake out work.

5. Heating and melting paint;

6. Coated construction.

mechanical double cylinder thermoplastic kettle


senior hand push thermoplastic road marking


hand push thermoplastic road marking

thermoplastic road marking


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