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The difference between foam concrete and aerated concrete

2014-10-29 16:54:27

The difference between foam concrete and aerated concrete
Aerated concrete started early, rapid development, at the same time using the house of the aerated concrete can be widely used, and accepted by the majority of users, and the emergence of the bubble aerated concrete products makes people know there is always a process of foam concrete is one of the youngest in the family of concrete, but the foam concrete and aerated concrete is relatively easy to confuse.Now simple analysis on the similarities and differences between the two:
Foam and air entrained concrete have similarities:
1. The structure characteristics of the same: foam concrete and aerated concrete, are predominantly closed porosity, connecting holes and closed very little hole, hole size uniform, most of the pores is less than 2 mm.
2. The same density, foam concrete while using different materials and aerated concrete, but its density hierarchies and the traditional level of aerated concrete.
3. The mechanical performance under the same or similar under the same density.
4. Are mainly inorganic materials.
Foam concrete and aerated concrete differences are to investigate object, many customers now to explain differences are as follows:
Features: 1. The detail structure foaming cement is composed of innumerable airtight hole connected with heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation performance of products.And aerated concrete due to gas from within a prompt slurry into honeycomb, the hole is unicom hole.So in detail structure of aerated concrete block no foam concrete block of sound insulation, heat insulation, moistureproof, such as the excellent performance.

2. You can achieve a smaller density: investigate the density of aerated block currently on the market in more than 500 kg/m after, and the density of foam concrete block can be 500 kg.
3. The foaming method more flexible: traditional aerated concrete with chemical foaming, foam and foam concrete adopted much more flexible methods.It except with foaming machine and foam foaming agent, still can use the high pressure pump inflatable, as long as it can achieve the purpose of concrete to form closed porosity, foam means not stick to one pattern.
4. The curing process more diverse: foam concrete as many varieties of the production, so need the diversity of the oxidation process, according to different gelled material, natural maintenance, steam curing, and other maintenance methods.
5. There are many different kinds of production mold: foam concrete in order to reduce investment, increase product variety, improve product added value and can be used in a variety of materials of small mould, combination die mold, art, etc.It can also be without mould, on-site pouring directly.
6. The production cost of investment: aerated concrete investment is the investment of an annual output of 50000 square foam concrete investment in 3 to 5 times.And the size of the foam concrete investment but can small to less than hundreds of millions of small to investment in production.

Above is the foam concrete and aerated concrete is the same and the difference between simple contrast, through the above comparative analysis, we found that the foam concrete not only excellent performance and not hard from an investment perspective it but can small size is suitable for any entrepreneurial ideas and has innovation consciousness and practice of development of new building materials building materials factory is a shining path.

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