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The advantage of cast-in-place foam concrete

2014-10-29 16:28:36

The advantage of cast-in-place foam concrete
On-site pouring foam concrete, it is by using foaming machine in the construction site of foaming system will be fully foaming in mechanical way, foaming agent and foam slurry mixing with water, and then after a foaming machine pumping system for cast-in-situ construction, formed by the natural curing a new lightweight thermal insulation material contains a lot of closed porosity.It belongs to the bubble of lightweight, high strength material, outstanding characteristic is closed foam hole is formed within the concrete, the concrete is an and Gao Jianghua.
(1) heat preservation, heat conduction coefficient 0.06 0.28 w/(m, k), the thermal resistance of about 10 to 20 times of ordinary concrete.
(2) light: dry bulk density is 300-1600 kg/m3, equivalent to about 1/5 ~ 1/8 of the Portland cement concrete, can reduce the building load as a whole.
(3) integrity: on-site pouring construction, combining closely with the main part, does not need to leave every seam and vent pipe.
(4) low elastic shock absorption: cast-in-place foam concrete porous make it has a lower modulus of elasticity, allowing it to impact load has good absorption and dispersion effect.
(5) sound insulation sex: cast-in-place foam concrete contains a large number of independent air bubble, and uniform distribution, sound-absorbing ability of 0.09 to 0.19%, five times that of ordinary concrete, effective sound insulation function.
(6) the pressure resistance, compressive strength of 0.6-0.6 MPA.
(7) water resistance: cast-in-situ concrete water imbibition is small, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, make its have certain waterproof performance.
(8) durability: same as the principal part of the project life.
(9) the construction is simple: simply use cement foaming machine can realize automatic operation, can be transmitted over a long distance with a vertical level of 200 meters, the workload for 150-300 m3 / day.
(10) environmental protection: foam concrete required raw material for cement and foaming agent, foaming agent for neutral, do not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, to avoid the environmental pollution and fire hazard.
(11) economy, low comprehensive cost.

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