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The characteristics of the foam concrete block

2014-10-22 15:22:11

The characteristics of the foam concrete block
1 good vibration resistance, foam concrete block.As a result of the foam concrete block is very light, greatly reduce the building self-respect, higher than that of clay brick building the two seismic level.

2, foam concrete block density is small, reduce the building self-respect.Foam concrete block density is in commonly 300-300 kg/m3, foam concrete block can float on the surface of the water, foam concrete block only is a quarter of the weight of the solid clay brick, foam concrete block is 1/2, the weight of the hollow block foam concrete block can reduce the wall load 50-60%, building reduce weight 20-30%, construction speed, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and construction cost.

3, foam concrete block has good sound-absorbing insulation performance.Foam concrete block of porous structure makes it has the good sound-absorbing, sound insulation performance, 240 mm thick wall volume 58 db, can fully meet the requirements of household wall of sound insulation.

4, foam concrete block with high intensity, good machinability, size varied.The strength of the foam concrete block and autoclaved aerated block;Foam concrete block production equipment without coarse aggregate, so can be saw, plane, glue, nail, arbitrary processing, according to need to decorate;Foam concrete block has a variety of sizes, which can meet all kinds of building needs.

5, foam concrete block has significant thermal insulation performance, reduce building energy consumption.The coefficient of thermal conductivity of foam concrete block is 0.168 w/(m.k), heat preservation effect of foam concrete block is four times that of clay brick, is 3 times of hollow block, warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly reduce air conditioning running time, saving power consumption 30-50%, foam concrete block is the first wall materials to realize building energy efficiency.

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