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Adjust process that more insulation foam concrete

2014-10-21 18:56:33

Adjust process that more insulation foam concrete
Foam concrete used for floor heating thermal barrier, not only has a low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, anti-aging, no combustion, construction convenient, but also can make the ground leveling layer, and as a result, the application of foam concrete is more and more get the favour of people.But due to the preparation of foam concrete equipment, construction technology and construction of the premise condition is different, the foam concrete construction quality.The author put forward in the floor heating thermal barrier in the process of the construction of common quality problems and corresponding solutions, provide the reference for the readers.
At present, the floor heating construction enterprises casting floor heating with thermal barrier, in the construction of the main USES is "self-leveling construction technology, the use of foam concrete active natural leveling.But the traditional self-leveling construction defects as follows:
First, foam concrete to realize "self-leveling", you need to increase the activity of the foam concrete, the main method is to increase the water cement ratio.In raising the water cement ratio of direct consequence is: foam concrete easy degeneration segregation, the intensity is reduced, heat preservation sound insulation performance.At the same time, due to large water, foam concrete contraction amplitude is bigger, easy to appear empty drum and cracks on the phenomenon.
Secondly, in order to guarantee the foam concrete has a certain strength, using "self-leveling construction, construction enterprises in the increase of water cement ratio at the same time, tend to increase the dosage of the cement.In this way, making 1 cubic meters about cement 400 kg of foam concrete, foam concrete density up to 500 kg/m3.As a result, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of foam concrete is greatly increased, so that its heat preservation and heat insulation performance is significantly reduced.
Finally, the self-leveling construction technology usually combined with pumping process.But the foam concrete in the process of pressurized pumping, bubble breakage rate is higher, about 25%.A burst of gas bubbles formed by water makes the water to further increase.Combined with the disturbance of the pump, are more likely to make the foam concrete segregation.From the field inspection, foam concrete in the part of the floor heating works, bottom water mud sedimentation thickness more than 1 cm, this situation makes the foam concrete heat preservation sound insulation effect is almost completely lost.
Aimed at the defects of "self-leveling" process, the author through continuous exploration, out some countermeasure from the practice, received a significant effect.
Increase the leveling process.It is well known that the combined water generally necessary in cement hydration of cement weight of more than 20%.After cement hardening, excess water will remain in the cement form blisters or porosity is formed after evaporation.But the blisters and porosity and foaming agent has essential difference between the bubble, they will make foam concrete degeneration, strength will reduce;At the same time, through the blisters and porosity and can make the foam concrete heat preservation sound insulation function drops.To this, can from the following two aspects of process improvement.In preparing the foam concrete, strictly control the excess water, keep the foam concrete certain consistency.To make foam concrete maintain consistency, the first thing to allocate the consistency of cement slurry by certain proportion, then will remain a bubble in foam concrete foam dry degree, namely with less water.Second, foam concrete pile up to the work surface, can be leveling, first and then the natural flow.
Through the above measures, can effectively solve the problem of degeneration, settling at the bottom of the foam concrete surface.
Change the form of pumping.When pouring floor heating insulation blanket, can use miniaturization devices directly mixing and casting on the surface of the work.This method is especially suitable for smaller roof insulation system.When do the roof insulation layer, can directly find out the suitable slope on roof, to facilitate drainage, low pressure pumping may be adopted.Using in the process of the low pressure pump, the pump automatic voltage regulator, make pumping highly adapted to working pressure, slow and steady will foam concrete conveying to the work surface.
Through the above measures, can effectively reduce the broken quantity bubbles, reducing excess water.
Choose function excellent foaming agent.The merits of the foaming agent function greatly influence on the quality of the foam concrete.Excellent foaming agent foaming capacity is much, bubble of high strength, and not easily broken, the consistency of foam concrete is also easy to control;Inferior foam blowing agent quantity is little, the strength of the foam is low, the quality is hard to control, at present, the domestic has appeared a kind of high efficient foaming agent, the foaming agent produces bubbles, the intensity is big, can keep a week in the process of bubble let stand is not broken).Function excellent foaming agent can provide reliable guarantee for the quality of the foam concrete.

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