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What should I pay attention to when using electric hydraulic jacks?

2023-02-28 15:37:53

When using an electro-hydraulic jack, in addition to the relevant precautions for electric hydraulic jacks, the following safety precautions should also be observed: 
(1) Before lifting heavy objects, pay attention to the position of the electric hydraulic jack and keep it vertical to avoid the screw bending and causing accidents.
(2) When lifting heavy objects, shake the handle evenly to avoid accidents and damage to the electro-hydraulic jack caused by up and down collisions.
(3) When using, care should be taken not to exceed the maximum allowable jacking capacity to prevent accidents caused by overloading.
(4) When using, the jacking height shall not exceed the marking line on the sleeve or piston. For electro-hydraulic jacks without marked lines, the jacking height cannot exceed 3/4 of the total height of the thread or oil plug, so as not to lift off the sleeve or piston, damage the electro-hydraulic jack and cause an accident.
(5) Before loosening the weight of the electro-hydraulic jack, be sure to check whether the weight has been supported firmly, and then slowly lower it to ensure safety.
(6) During use and storage, it must be lubricated with butter to prevent excessive wear and reduce service life.

electric lifting hydraulic jacks

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