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Synchronous Control Hydraulic Jack Cylinder Supplier

2019-11-28 13:56:13

Synchronous Control Hydraulic Jack Cylinder Supplier

Synchronous control hydraulic jack is a new type of large-scale component lifting equipment, which is mainly composed of lifting jacks, hydraulic pumping stations and control systems. The principle is to combine the prestressed anchor anchoring technology with the hydraulic jack technology, anchor the steel strand through the anchor, and then use the computer to centrally control the flow and oil pressure output from the hydraulic pump station, drive the jack piston to expand and contract, and drive the steel. The strands and components rise and fall to achieve the overall synchronous lifting and lowering of large components.

synchronous control hydraulic jack

1. Synchronous control hydraulic cylinder, the lifting device has small volume, light weight, large carrying capacity, convenient and flexible installation, and is particularly suitable for lifting in small spaces or indoor large tonnage components.
2. Increase the weight, span and area without restrictions by expanding the equipment expansion combination.
3. The use of low-relaxed steel strands, as long as there is a reasonable load-bearing lifting point, the lifting height is not limited.
4. The synchronous control hydraulic cylinder anchor has the self-locking property of reverse movement, which makes the lifting process very safe, and the component can be reliably locked for a long time at any position in the lifting process.

synchronous control hydraulic cylinder

5. The synchronous control hydraulic jack has high degree of automation, convenient and flexible operation, and synchronous control hydraulic cylinder has various operation modes such as automatic operation, semi-automatic operation, single point adjustment, manual operation and the like. The LED display is displayed and the touch screen display is very intuitive. And the control system is equipped with a self-correcting protection program, which will not cause a safety accident even if it is mishandled.
6. Construction with this synchronous control hydraulic jack, short construction period, low cost and good economic benefits.

synchronous hydraulic jack supplier

The application of synchronous lifting jacks in large steel structure hoisting, large bridge erection, and large offshore platforms is being widely promoted. As a domestic synchronous control hydraulic jack cylinder supplier, Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment Co., ltd has strong research and development capabilities and production techniques, and has made unremitting efforts, now we also have its manufacturing capabilities. Welcome the majority of project contractors to come to discuss and guide, and the products are getting better and better applied at home and abroad.

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