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Standard hydraulic cylinder for sale

2020-07-20 17:22:07

Standard hydraulic cylinder for sale
Hydraulic jack is a very simple to use, but very important kind of lifting equipment, mainly used in many environments that require lifting or support. The hollow standard 200 ton hydraulic cylinder is more suitable for tensioning steel bar bundles or steel wire bundles, and works through the ejection and contraction of hollow pistons. Leadcrete customizes various hydraulic jacks according to your needs, with excellent quality, welcome to consult!

200ton double acting hollow hydraulic jack

Since there are many types of hydraulic jacks, we have to choose the jacks with the proper working conditions. In this article, we will teach you the factors to consider when choosing the right hydraulic jacks.
Choose the three core elements of the hydraulic jack: tonnage, stroke, body height.
When calculating the tonnage of the jack, we must choose a jack that is 20% more than the load.

standard 200 ton hydraulic cylinder

The stroke is the distance that the jack lifts or stretches in a single work.
In addition, the proper height of the body should be selected, so that the jack can be used in the relevant working environment.
In addition to the three core elements, in order to adapt to some special working conditions, we also need to consider other factors of using hydraulic jacks.

standard hydraulic cylinder

1. Is the jack used for jacking or stretching? Single-acting jacks can only be used for jacking; double-acting jacks can be used for jacking and stretching operations.
2. Whether multiple jacks need to be lifted at the same time. If multiple jacks are lifted at the same time, choose the same type of jack.
3. Whether to use the jack as an accessory. Mounting holes can be left on the jack base or the top piston rod.
4. Is it necessary to install a handle on the jack for easy carrying.
5. Whether it is necessary to sleeve the jack on the steel cable or iron rod. A hollow jack can be selected, and the hollow of the piston rod can be sleeved on the steel cable.
6. Is there an overflow hole needed to prevent the cylinder from over-traveling and protect the piston from being hit?
Whether it is necessary to install a ball-shaped saddle to prevent the piston from being biased when lifting a heavy object and protect the cylinder body and the piston rod from injury.
7. If you need long-term load support, you can choose a self-locking jack.
8. Are there any working conditions such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. You can choose nickel, chrome, baking finish, etc.

standard hydraulic jack

After you have considered the above factors, the standard hydraulic cylinders you need can basically be determined. Now you only need to pick up the phone in your hand, dial our number, or send us your needs by email, the rest Will be handed over to our professional equipment manager to choose the right jack for you.

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