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How to solve hydraulic jacks in various situations

2023-03-31 17:18:02

The hydraulic jack uses oil as the medium, and the maintenance of the oil and the machine must be done well to avoid blockage or oil leakage, which will affect the use effect. For some new or long-standing hydraulic jacks, because there is more air in the cylinder, the piston rod may have a slight sudden jump at the beginning of use, and the hydraulic jack can be reciprocated without load for 2 -3 times to remove the air in the cavity.

And it should be noted that the high-pressure oil pipe of the hydraulic jack must pass the 105Mpa test before leaving the factory, but because the rubber hose is prone to aging, it needs to be checked frequently by the user, generally six months, and three months for frequent users , Use 87.5Mpa to test the pressure during the inspection. If there are explosions, protrusions, leakage, etc., it cannot be used.

If the hydraulic jack has been idle for a long time, the seal will be hardened due to the long-term inactivity of the seal, which will affect the service life of the hydraulic jack. When operating the hydraulic jack, the technical specifications should be strictly followed, and the user should check and maintain it regularly according to the usage conditions.

When using the hydraulic jack, if there is a phenomenon of air strike, you can first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, vertically lift the pump body and drive it downward for a few times, then tighten the oil drain screw to continue to use. When using, do not add partial load or overload, so as to avoid the danger of jack damage. When there is a load, do not remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the machine parts.

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