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High quality 100kg 250kg 300kg 350kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg refractory castable pan mixer

2023-03-23 13:39:36

High quality refractory castable pan mixer is specially used for on-site construction, with fast mixing speed, high homogeneity, compact structure design, comfortable feeding speed, movable, with bag breaking device, uniform water addition, high mixing efficiency and low maintenance cost.

At present, the capacity of refractory mixers we provide can be LRM series 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg and other large-capacity 50L-4000L refractory planetary mixers.

100kg 250kg 300kg 350kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg refractory pan mixer

Refractory castable pan mixer can be used to mix refractory materials, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixing and glass materials, etc.

Refractory pan mixer is mainly used for mixing raw materials. The inside of the tray is lined with polypropylene board or stainless steel board, so it is not easy to stick materials. Wear-resistant, cycloid reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient discharge and transportation.

Advantages of high quality refractory castable pan mixer:
The materials are fully mixed in the refractory pan mixer, which improves the uniformity of mixing, and adopts a novel rotor structure, so that the minimum gap between the rotor and the shell can be adjusted to close to zero, effectively reducing the residual amount of materials. The interior is lined with polypropylene plate or stainless steel plate, so it is not easy to stick materials, wear-resistant, and adopts cycloidal pin wheel deceleration, which has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, and convenient discharge and transportation. The overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

How the refractory castable pan mixer works:
The motor drives the reducer to run, the reducer drives the main shaft, and the main shaft drives the stirring teeth to stir the material.

Abrasion-resistant refractory castable pan mixer

High quality 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg refractory castable pan mixer structure composition:
All working bodies of the refractory pan mixer are installed and fixed on the rack. The frame of the machine is made of high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel welded. And passed strict product certification and specific process requirements to achieve the purpose of use.

Precautions for maintenance of refractory pan mixer:
1. When replacing the scraper, be sure to cut off the power and hang the sign of prohibiting starting. Have someone attend to the power supply. If the top cover door is opened while stirring, the machine will automatically stop. Because there is a relay between the top cover door and the hopper, once the top cover is opened, the power will be cut off automatically.
2. The staff should change the oil of the machine regularly and add grease to the motor bearings to prolong the service life of the machine.

Operating Instructions for small capacity pan refractory mixer:
1. Preparations before starting up: Check whether there is any debris in the panel, check whether the bolts of each part are loose or missing, whether the scraper is loose, whether the angle is correct, and whether the power cord is leaking.
2. Startup: Clear all the data in the disk, make sure to restart after clearing. Turn on the power, start the machine, listen for abnormal sounds, and add materials according to regulations.
3. Shut down: Stop the machine after the materials in the pot are used up, and clean up the remaining materials in the pot.

If you are interested in our LRM series refractory pan mixer, please contact us and help us to determine the following questions:
1. What materials are you mixing with the refractory mixer? Mixed refractory, castable or other?
2. What capacity refractory mixer do you need? 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg or others?

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