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Small portable refractory gunite machine for sale

2023-02-01 17:54:57

Small portable refractory gunite machine uses compressed air to spray a certain proportion of refractory materials at high speed to form a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed object. Widely used, mainly suitable for: thermal gunning of the refractory lining of various industrial furnaces and kilns.

portable refractory gunite machine

refractory gunite machine for sale

Small portable refractory gunite machine has less faults, is durable and easy to operate, easy to install, has no transmission parts, does not need lubrication, is economical and practical, shortens furnace repair time, prolongs furnace life, reduces refractory material consumption, reduces labor intensity, increases steel output, energy saving and environmental protection etc.

refractory gunite machine package

The dry refractory material for spraying or transportation is poured into the machine and smoothly fills the rotor chamber below the hopper. To make it easier to fill the rotor with the refractory mixture, an electric vibrator and bellows are installed in the hopper. The rotational movement of the rotor moves the refractory mixture 180° clockwise. The refractory mixture is thus blown out from the individual chambers of the rotor into the delivery hose. When the refractory material enters the delivery hose through the blower, low pressure air is added to enhance the continuous flow of material in the hose. The end of the hose is equipped with a nozzle assembly, while mixing water is fed into it to wet the transported refractory mixture. The required wetting of the refractory mixture is controlled by the supply cock.

refractory gunite machine spare parts

Our small portable refractory gunite machine is equipped with high pressure water pump for high pressure water and atomization in the nozzle. At the same time, the refractory gunning machine is also equipped with a new type of pre-damping nozzle assembly, which has a lower rebound rate, less dust, and reduced water addition compared with other ordinary nozzles. And equipped with ABB inverter, the output of portable refractory gunite machine can be adjusted according to the customer's project requirements.

Small portable refractory gunite machine for sale

1. Refractory gunite machine has the functions of stirring, conveying and spraying.
2. The quality of concrete pouring is good, the construction speed is fast, and labor is saved.
3. Gunning metallurgical and industrial furnaces are widely used in steel mills, etc.
4. The Small portable refractory gunite machine is a stereotyped product with good quality and durability. There are sufficient accessories for wearing parts such as rotating plates, joint plates, and spray guns.

small portable refractory gunite machine

If you need to buy a small portable refractory gunite machine, please choose a reliable refractory gunite machine manufacturer and supplier from China-Gaodetec Equipment. You can contact us through website message, chat or email us directly, And get refractory gunite machine quotes, info, videos and more. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

small refractory gunite machine

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