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2000L planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete

2023-01-31 17:30:28

With the upgrade and innovation of UHPC planetary concrete mixer, the planetary concrete mixer developed by Gaodetec with high-load mixing and optimized equipment configuration plays an increasingly important role in the mixing of uhpc ultra-high performance concrete industry, and the quality of material mixing continues to improve.

Gaodetec planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete combines the concept of planetary mixing, and designs a mixing mechanism that fits the basic performance of uhpc concrete. Its planetary mixing scheme and rigorous structural configuration make a good mixing foundation for quickly achieving high-quality and high-homogeneous mixing effects.

planetary mixer for mixing UHPC

The UHPC ultra-high-performance concrete mixing plant adopts planetary mixer for mixing UHPC. High-efficiency forced mixers can produce UHPC concrete, but the higher the capacity of the mixer, the shorter the mixing time and the higher the production quality. UHPC performance concrete uses a vertical shaft planetary mixer, and the mixing uniformity is very good.

The planetary operation can mix fine materials with high efficiency, and has good stability for the processing quality of complex formulas. After adding fibers, the fibers can be evenly wrapped by the slurry materials, and there will be no segregation phenomenon and no agglomeration problems. Planetary mixer for mixing UHPC has a complex processing track, and there will not be too many air bubbles in the uhpc mixture, so the quality of the produced uhpc concrete is also stable.

planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete

The strong mixing effect of Planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete can effectively improve the mixing quality of uhpc ultra high performance concrete, and can ensure the high load performance, high compression resistance and durability of the prepared uhpc ultra high performance concrete.

In addition, the structural configuration of planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete is scientific and rigorous, and various structures such as sealing device, dust removal device and metering device are reliable and reasonable. Through the optimization and upgrading of the processing method and production process of high performance concrete, the mixed The material has high strength and high durability, which greatly meets the high mixing demand for uhpc ultra-high performance concrete in the industry. It is a solid high-quality uhpc mixing machine in the mixing industry.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer

If you want to buy a planetary mixer for mixing Ultra High Performance Concrete, welcome to send an inquiry to us, please don't hesitate to contact us, chat directly or send a message or send an email to info@gaodetec.com 

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