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Acid resistance and high temp hose for peristaltic pump

2023-02-07 15:41:17

The acid resistance and high temp hose for peristaltic pump produced by our company has the characteristics of long service life and wide application range. Its structure is a high-strength synthetic fiber braid layer reinforced by one or more layers. The outer lining is extruded and the inner lining is made of composite rubber. The tube body is soft, elastic and has good wear resistance. Synthetic fibers are added to the pipe body to enhance the overall performance of the pipe body. Low heat generation during use, good resilience and durability.

acid resistance and high temp hose

Acid resistance and high temp hose has good positive and negative pressure resistance, good acid, alkali, oil, high temperature and other characteristics, and can transport more than 90% of today's chemicals. The main components are natural rubber (resistance to general weak acid and alcohol), butyl rubber (resistance to grease, alkali metal and detergent, etc.) and EPDM rubber (suitable for ketone, alcohol and concentrated acid). The operating temperature of the hose is ≤100°C. Considering the heat generated during the production process, it is generally used in the working condition of the medium temperature <80°C. If the ventilation (or cooling) heat dissipation conditions are good, the medium temperature can reach 100°C. If the material temperature is >100°C, special heat-resistant hoses are required. In addition, non-standard designs can be made according to user needs.

acid resistance hose for peristaltic pump

Acid resistance and high temp hose applications:
1. Transportation of acid, alkali, phosphate slurry and inorganic salt slurry such as titanium dioxide in the chemical industry;
2. Transportation of various pharmaceutical materials and liquids in the pharmaceutical industry;
3. Transportation of oil (excluding solvents) and beverages in the food industry;
4. Mining, metallurgy and raw material industries, such as calcium carbonate, steel rolling, iron oxide scale and various ore pulp transportation;
5. Paper industry, such as the transportation of pulp, sulfur pulp, etc.;
6. Water treatment industry, such as the transportation of sludge slurry, lime slurry, etc.;
7. Construction and building materials industry, such as the transportation of concrete, cement mortar, ceramic glaze slurry, etc.;
8. Transportation of drilling mud in the petroleum industry;
9. Other industries, such as nuclear waste, electrolytic waste residue, metal slag liquid, paint, adhesive, glue, latex, various abrasives, refractory fiber pulp, etc., are used for transporting fluids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity, and large particle content.

high temp hose for peristaltic pump

The working principle of the rubber extruding tube is: the rubber tube is compressed by the shaft wheel of the pump and then relaxed, so that the rubber tube returns to its original shape by its own elasticity, so that a vacuum is generated in the tube, the mortar in the storage tank is sucked, and then squeezed by the shaft wheel, Push the mortar forward.

hose for peristaltic pump

Acid resistance and high temp hose for peristaltic pump features:
The tube body has small deformation under pressure, good extrusion resistance, the rubber layer has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, and the explosion pressure of the hose is not less than three times the working pressure. 

hose for peristaltic pump for sale

Want to know much more working video information. OEM service of a
cid resistance and high temp hose for peristaltic pump is available. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

hose for peristaltic pump manufacturer

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