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How to Care for Small Concrete Conveying Pump?

2019-10-23 10:38:37

How to Care for Small Concrete Conveying Pump?

small concrete conveying pump

Small concrete conveying pumps have increased the service life of many people have long been aware of the need to prevent equipment failures in engineering projects. In our old saying, "preventing problems before they occur, preventing them from happening" can only ensure the normal application of construction machinery and equipment. The project can be carried out in an orderly and successful manner, and only in that way, the application of concrete conveying pump will make the CEO’s feel like a duck. It is therefore critical to ensure continuous equipment life, and authoritative experts teach you how to care for machinery and equipment to increase the service life of small concrete pumps.

small conveying concrete pump

One: reduce various erosion effects
The condition of stainless steel passivation and the destruction of surrounding substances by organic chemical or electrochemical corrosion is called etched Raymond mill. This kind of etching effect not only jeopardizes all the normal work of machinery and equipment on the surface of mechanical equipment, but also erodes the parts inside the concrete conveying pump. For example, the precipitation, the compounds in the gas, etc., enter the inside of the mechanical equipment according to the open safety passages and gaps of the mechanical parts, etch the inside of the mechanical parts, accelerate the damage of the concrete conveying pump, and improve the cement production equipment of the equipment failure. Because this type of etching effect is sometimes invisible. Untouchable, it is very easy to be ignored by others, so its adverse effects are greater on composite crushers. In the application, the management method and the actual operation staff should take countermeasures according to the local weather conditions and environmental pollution conditions at that time, reduce the reasonable countermeasures, and reduce the harm of organic chemical etching to mechanical equipment. The most important thing is to avoid Intrusion of precipitation and gas components into mechanical equipment.

concrete conveying pump

Two: reduce the harm of temperature concrete conveying pump in the work, the temperature of each spare part is often separate from all normal categories of double roll crusher. If the temperature of cooling circulating water is usually 80~90℃, the temperature of hydraulic control system gear oil is 30~60℃, less than or beyond this scope will speed up the damage of parts, causing grease mildew, leading to the change of raw material characteristics. The experiment shows that the main gear shaft and rolling bearing of all kinds of construction machinery and equipment run in -5℃ grease than in 3℃ grease, the damage should be 10~12 times larger crusher. But when the temperature is too high, it will speed up the mildew of grease, such as the car oil temperature checked 55~60℃, oil temperature every 5℃, the car oil air oxidation rate will increase several times. Therefore, in the whole application process of concrete conveying pump, one is to avoid overload operation under ultra-low temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the low-speed pretem perature link, so that the machinery equipment can operate or work after exceeding the required temperature, without ignoring the key work because there are no problems at that time. The second is to avoid the small concrete conveying pump in the high temperature operation, the whole process of mechanical equipment operation to often check a variety of control machine standard value, found problems immediately shut down for inspection, found common faults even clear the roller broken. 

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