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Small concrete pumping application requirements

2019-04-23 15:19:14

Introduction to the working principle of the machine:

Small concrete pumping adopts the principle of hydraulic S valve tube, which can not only transport mortar quickly and effectively, but also concrete with stones. It is very convenient to clean the pipe after use. Just rinse it with clean water until there is no mortar. It is not necessary to disassemble the pipe repeatedly, which saves trouble and effort. Everything is considered for the smooth construction of the user, and after many improvements, the main power of the fine stone concrete pump produced by our company is equipped with a 30hp diesel engine, which uses energy conversion to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and pushes the piston to perform reciprocating work. The two pistons work alternately, completely solving the problem that the fine stone concrete pump has long pulse interval and low efficiency. The material of the material is sucked into the S-type valve tube and the requirements of the two are very precise. The cooperation between the S valve and the eye plate is also very tight, which also prevents the material from being squeezed out of the gap when the pressure is high. Causes insufficient machine pressure. We have made a lot of improvements for this. The fine stone concrete pumping application uses an ultra-high hardness alloy material as the sealing ring, which can increase the service life to more than 5 times that of the ordinary machine. Below the alloy sealing ring is a high-elasticity anti-oxidation rubber ring, which can automatically compensate when the alloy ring wears, so that the valve port has zero gap and exerts the advantage of the machine.

concrete pumping application

Concrete pump
application requirements before machine operation:

Horizontal pumping pipes should be laid straight. The pumping pipeline shall be supported and fixed. A wooden mat shall be provided between the pipe and the fixed object for buffering. It shall not be directly connected with the steel bar or the formwork, and the pipe and the pipe shall be firmly connected. Pipe joints and clamps should be tightly sealed to prevent leakage. Do not install the wear-resistant pipe in the high-pressure area at the rear end. After the pumping pipeline is laid, the withstand voltage test should be carried out. The particle size of the sand and the ratio of the cement marking machine shall be in accordance with the factory regulations to meet the pumpability requirements of the machine. Before pumping, check and confirm the bolts of each part of the pump to prevent the device from being complete and reliable. The operation switch and hydraulic system of each part are normal and leak-free. The hydraulic oil meets the requirements, there is no debris in the mixing bucket, and the protection grid above is intact. And it is tight. After the machine is started, it should be operated at no load. Observe the indication values of each instrument, check the operation of the pump and the mixer, and confirm that everything is normal before working. Cement and mortar pumps should be added to the hopper to lubricate the machine and piping before pumping. 

Small concrete pumping

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