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How to avoid crevice when small concrete pump is working

2017-07-29 14:24:14

There are appearing crevice when small concrete pump working, usually, the reason is following:

1. the result of the material and produce of concrete

In general, the situation is because used cement has bad water retention, large bleeding, contractibility, heat of hydration. The ratio of used aggregate is not reasonable, high mud content. And if the ratio of concrete is not reasonable, the ratio of water and cement, slump, those factory also is easily to course crevice.

Except for bad material of concrete, it is related with produce equipment. The traditional mixer, without any mixing technical, so the quality of concrete is not well, it maybe appear crevice. Comparing with traditional mixer, Gaodetec concrete pump, full hydraulic driven, with feeder, mixer and pump, it can mix better concrete.

2. because ratio of reinforcement is not reasonable

If ratio of reinforcement is too high, reinforcement is too dense, so when small stone is bigger, concrete won’t grout, or difficult to grout, the situation make concrete homogeneous worse, it is easily to break cause of uneven contraction.

3. because the temperature difference of concrete’s inside and outside appear break

Concrete will generate much hot capacity when hydrate, the kinds of hot capacity make concrete inside higher temperature, but transmission of and stockpile of hot capacity, which make concrete inside reach to highest temperature after grouting within days. Because different heat emission condition between concrete inside and outside, which cause temperature stress, so it will appear break when temperature stress is beyond the tensile strength of concrete inside and outside.

Now Gaodetec concrete pump price has been widely used for building operations, comparing with traditional concrete pump cost, it can produce better concrete.

As long as workers notice the above three reason, they can avoid crevice when working, it will  largely avoid crevice and ensure project quality. If you have more question about concrete or concrete pump manufacturer, concrete pump price, welcome to call us: +86-0371-55091210. Email address:info@gaodetec.com

small concrete pump price

small concrete pump

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